Self Help Books Students Should Read To Kickstart The New Year

Kickstart the new year the right way by reading the best self help books to improve different aspects of your life including your mental and physical well-being, relationships, and studying.

With a variety of books offering practical advice and techniques to help you overcome personal challenges and achieve your goals, you won’t want to miss out on these.

Don’t know where to start? Within this guide we’ll be discussing our top picks of self-help books you’ll actually want to read to improve yourself and your life.

Trust us, 2023 is gonna be your year once you’ve finished reading these books!

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Are Self Help Books Actually Helpful?

Are you pondering about whether or not self help books will actually be helpful for you?

Perhaps you don’t want to spend some of your precious student loan on books in case they’re not useful?

Well, we’re here to tell you that self help books are very helpful as they can offer information, guidance, tips and strategies for improving your life and personal development.

You’ve got nothing to lose so take a read of our next section and discover the self help books you absolutely need to read this year if you haven’t already – they’re life changing magic!

With each book focusing on different topics to instruct readers on how to improve aspects of their lives, we’re sure you’ll find at least one good read in our guide.


The Best Self Help Books

If you’re wanting to go on a healing and self love journey this year, you need to have a read of our pick of the best 7 self help books.

Remember, everyone has different preferences, so if you’re deciding which self help books to read, find one which resonates with you and that you feel you can apply to your own life.


1. The Mountain Is You

There are so many self-help books out there, but one we cannot recommend enough is The Mountain Is You by best selling author Brianna Wiest.

A TikTok favourite, The Mountain Is You is an inspiring book which focuses on self sabotage and why we do it, when we do it, and how to stop doing it—for good.

It’s a must read for anyone wanting to embark on a healing journey and conquer the mountain within, plus it’s easy to read even when you’re not in a reading mood.

You’ll learn effective tools and gain a different and fresh perspective on overcoming traumas, life’s challenges, and how to become the best version of yourself.

Wiest will teach you  “To truly heal, you are going to have to change the way you think. You are going to have to become very conscious of negative and false beliefs and start shifting to a mindset that actually serves you.”

If you haven’t given it a read yet, be sure to pick up a copy from Amazon to kickstart the new year.



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2. What A Time To Be Alone: The Slumflower’s Guide to Why You Are Already Enough

Chidera Eggerue, popularly known as the Slumflower, is an award-winning writer and blogger behind this truly amazing self help guide, What A Time To Be Alone, The Slumflower.

This is one of the best books for self improvement, especially for young women as it shows you how to “stop waiting for someone to give you that unconditional fairy tale love and give it to yourself” amongst other things.

If you’re searching for a self help book to lift your mood and enable you to reflect on your relationship with yourself and others, you need to give this brilliant book a read.

Not only is it a really informative read but it’s also visually engaging due to the amazing graphic style and original illustrations featured.

What A Time To Be Alone will leave you feeling empowered and full of self love, add yours to your bookcase by purchasing from Waterstones.



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3. Everything You’ll Ever Need You Can Find Within Yourself

Figuring out how to be the best version of yourself can be hard, but Charlotte Freeman reminds us everything we need we can get from ourselves in her vulnerably written self help book.

Everything You’ll Ever Need You Can Find Within Yourself is a positive and influential read, with advice for every mood and situation you may find yourself in.

Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of reading huge books or can’t bring yourself to get through a chapter, this book is full of beautifully written messages and quotes which you can flick through day by day.

Whilst not all of the topics within the book will apply to you, it really compels you to take a look at your emotions and set gentle reminders to point you in the right direction on your journey.

This book is a must read if you’re in need of an uplift, purchase it now from Amazon.


4. A Gentle Reminder

There are some days where you just can’t muster up a smile no matter how hard you try, but thanks to A Gentle Reminder, you’ll be able to help heal your hurting heart.

A Gentle Reminder teaches you valuable life lessons if you’re going through a break up, feeling lonely or struggling to know your self worth.

With quotes like “Forgive yourself for the way you held yourself back because you didn’t believe in your own potential, because you didn’t believe in your capacity to take up space”, this is not just a self help book you’ll read once, Bianca Sparacino will have you reading again and again.

If we’re honest, reading this book from start to finish feels like a huge hug and we cannot urge you enough to give it a go if you’re wanting some encouraging and motivating reminders.

For when everyday life gets a little overwhelming give this self help book a read!



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5. The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down

In this busy social-media scrolling day and age, we often forget to sit down and practice mindfulness.

Within The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down, the author shows us that the modern world may be moving fast around us but that’s not to say we have to.

Zen meditation teacher and writer Haemin Sunim outlines the benefit of really tuning out all the distractions that life throws at us and focusing on what’s important in his series of essays.

In Sunim’s wise words, this self help book aims to “inspire you to connect with the kinder and wiser side of yourself”.

This fantastic book covers all different topics from love to finding your true self to friendship to handling setbacks to work to aspirations.

If you haven’t read it yet, be sure to do so for a better mindset and to live in the present moment!



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6. Know Your Worth

If you want to thrive in life you need to add Know Your Worth: How to build your self-esteem, grow in confidence and worry less about what people think to your bookstand – wow, that was a mouthful right?

This self help book is by Anna Mathur, a psychotherapist and bestselling author who shares her professional knowledge as well as helpful and practical tips you can utilise in your daily life.

The best part is, at the end of each chapter there’s questions to answer which you can write down in a journal or simply think about them so you can help your brain process the information in a different way.

Wanting to stop worrying and boost your self-esteem? Pick up Know Your Worth and give it a read, it will offer you everything you need to hear right now.

Psst, people pleasers especially need to read this one!


7. Make Your Bed

They say that a tidy space equals a tidy mind, right?

Well, that’s exactly what William H. McRaven focuses on in his best selling self help book, Make Your Bed.

Within this book the author shares 10 life lessons from his Navy Seal training that helped him overcome challenges not only within his career, but also in life.

Whilst we’re not saying you’ll relate to the military backstory behind this book, the advice and words of wisdom featured are sure to inspire anyone wanting to reach their highest potential and form good habits.

If you’re someone who likes to learn lessons through reading stories, this one’s a MUST.

Practise daily habits in 2023 which are going to improve your life, starting with making your bed in the morning and reading this book!



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There we have it, which of these self help books will you be adding to your student accommodation bookcase?

These self help books cover a wide range of topics from personal development to daily habits to changing your mindset to studying better to working on your relationships so, we hope you get the boost you need to live your best life!

It’s important to remember that self help books shouldn’t replace professional help, so if you’re struggling with a mental illness, reach out and speak to a professional.

If you’ve got your head in an amazing self help book, let us know @essentialstudentliving.

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