About Us

We are passionate about helping students find the ideal living space to support their Uni experience. We take pride in the fact that many of our student residents not only to return to us year after year, but also recommend us to their friends.

Finding the right accommodation can be a major factor in supporting your learning, which is why we have built partnerships with many universities and student unions around the UK to be able to offer the most enjoyable student experience possible to our residents.

Secure Entry at All Sites

Your safety is our number one priority, which is why we operate a secure door entry system with swipe card and intercom to control access to the property, as well as our on-site teams and 24-hr CCTV.

All Utility Bills Included

All utility bills are included in your rent payment, making it a smooth and convenient process, and removing any worries about encountering unexpected costs for which you hadn’t budgeted.

Fast & Free Wifi at All Sites

Broadband connection in every room is complemented by 100Mbs free, super-fast Wi-Fi access, enabling you to surf the net hassle-free, whether for an all important study session or a Netflix marathon.