In these strangest of times, we are delighted to bring some positive news.

The professionals who work within the NHS have saved countless lives under the most difficult of circumstances since the pandemic began and have sadly had to deal with so much loss, including many of their own colleagues. Their expertise is highly regarded at home and around the world however the emotional support they will require over the coming months goes beyond what NHS funding can ordinarily provide, i.e. wellbeing resources, recuperation rooms and longer-term mental health recovery of staff and families.  Just £25 will provide a 1-1 counselling session for an NHS worker to help them begin to recover from these devastating events.

Together with our team members from right across the country, Essential Student Living are delighted to make a contribution to the NHS Together Charity Emergency COVID-19 Fund and encourage others to do the same.

We hope our combined efforts will make a real difference to hundreds of individuals and help our NHS bounce back, stronger than ever so it is still around for generations to come.

NHS Charities Together

Thank You NHS Staff