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Despite its name suggesting it is based in the north of England, the University of Cumbria very much has a presence in the capital city. It is one of Britain’s newest universities, but has a history of education dating back more than 150 years. There is a large proportion of its 9,500 students based at the London campus, where learners benefit from teacher training, professional policing qualifications and advanced clinical practice courses in the east end of London.

The university has been inspiring teachers for more than 100 years, beginning with its founding institutions, St Martin’s College in Lancaster and Charlotte Mason College in Ambleside – both based in England’s far north west.

It works with more than 1,000 primary and secondary schools across the country, meaning students get the chance to experience teaching in a variety of different classroom settings. The university is also one of the College of Policing’s approved providers, meaning its policing team has a wealth of experience across the full spectrum of services, leading to the highest quality of teaching at both a practical and theoretical level.

And with courses accredited by the Royal College of Nursing, health care workers can enhance their professional development with the University of Cumbria, in London. The flexible Advanced Practice (Clinical) course is ideal for any nurse, paramedic or other health care professional looking to take their next steps in the industry.

Students have waxed lyrical about the positive factors of the university’s presence in east London, and the way in which placements offered a real insight into life in a classroom and gaining experiences early on.

The modern-day University of Cumbria itself was formed in 2007 by the merger of St Martin's College, Lancaster, the Cumbria Institute of the Arts (formerly Cumbria College of Art & Design), and the Cumbrian campuses of the University of Central Lancashire.

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These institutions formerly ran degree programmes accredited by Lancaster University and the University of Central Lancashire. In order to facilitate the change, St Martin's College applied for independent degree-awarding powers in March 2005 and was successful in July 2006 after nine months of scrutiny by the Quality Assurance Agency. In January 2007, official university status was granted by the Privy Council.

Student life at the university is seen to be one of its draws, with the award-winning University of Cumbria Students’ Union (UCSU) being a student-led charity, representing the views and interests of its members. Its role is to help every student make the most out of their university experience, with a strong focus on academic development and volunteering activities.

The SU offers a wide variety of societies and social groups to choose from, great for exploring new opportunities, developing a passion and making new friendships. This has proved to be a great way of helping the new intake of students to meet new people and settle in to their unfamiliar surroundings, which in turn helps them to hit the ground running with their academic commitments and enjoy student life from the get-go.