The ULTIMATE List Of Gift Wrap Hacks For Christmas

Have you started shopping for Christmas presents for family and friends? Or are you someone who leaves it to the last minute?

It’s an exciting time of year where it is easy to go overboard with the gifts, but it can also be stressful especially if you find yourself rushing round to get them all in time or if deliveries are delayed – and that’s just buying them. 

They still need to be wrapped! That is another case entirely.

We understand that wrapping gifts might not be one of your favourite things to do, and that is where we come in.

Treat yo’elf to some of the best gift wrap hacks to implement this December… 

Gift wrap hacks

1. Make Your Own Gift Bag

First within our post to gift wrap hacks is a trick from @wrappingqueen on TikTok, who shows how you can make your own gift bag out of wrapping paper.

This is perfect if you need a gift bag at the last minute but cannot make it to a shop in time, you don’t realise till too late or would prefer to be creative with your gift wrapping this Christmas.

To do this:

Make sure you have enough wrapping paper to cover the item and cut where needed. 

Fold it over how you want it and tape it together. 

Then fold the bottom around a quarter of the way up and fold the ends towards the middle. 

Fold the top and bottom towards the middle and tape it down. 

You have now created the bottom of the bag. 

After that move onto putting the item in, fold over the top and secure with some ribbon. 

You have now made a gift bag – how amazing is that!

For more gift wrap hacks check out @wrappingqueen TikTok page.

Make your own gift bag

2. Using Minimal Tape

TikToker @audpoe demonstrates how to wrap a present using very little to no tape.

The TikTok video shows them wrapping a book, but this can easily be applied to most other presents too. 

This is helpful for those who are running low on tape or anyone wishing to be resourceful.

How to:

Cut the wrapping paper to the size you need, place the present in the middle and bend the bottom of the paper up to create the fist fold. 

Fold the sides of the folded part of the paper towards the middle, then fold the left hand side towards the middle, the right hand side towards the middle and turn the present over so the other side is facing up. 

Grab a piece of tape, fold the corners of the last unfolded part of the present in, fold it up once to the edge and then a second time so it ends up folded over completely and stick the tape down. 

Now you have a wrapped up present using little to no tape at all – get in! 

Gift wrapping no tape

3. Paper Shortage

Wrapping a present and realising you have cut the paper slightly too short for the item or running out of roll and you’re left with a piece a little smaller than your present can be so annoying – don’t you reckon?

@mrsemilynorris has a gift wrap hack that will help you out with this issue for sure. 

All you need to do is turn the item so it is on a diagonal to the paper, and ta da there is now enough paper to wrap the present! 

Who would’ve thought it was that easy when you run out of paper? We’ll deffo be using this one! 

For more general hacks and inspo check out their TikTok page and other social media pages.

Paper shortage gift wrap hacks

4. Odd Shaped Gifts

Do you find odd shaped gifts difficult to wrap? Well struggle no more!

This TikTok user @lindsayroggenbuck brings a gift wrap hack you really need to try this Christmas.

What to do:

Cut as much wrapping paper as you need, fold it into thirds and tape down. 

Then fold the bottom and separate into 2 pieces, flatten out the corners to make a diamond and fold the top and bottom corners in towards the middle and tape down. 

Place the item inside and fold the top of the paper over towards the back. 

Punch two holes into the top and tie with a ribbon. 

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Odd shaped gifts gift wrap hacks

5. Wrapping Paper Storage

Christmas time means a load of wrapping paper rolls and some random pieces thrown in with it all. 

This can be a bit chaotic but @kendoll913 has a solution for this.

All you need is a few empty gift wrap rolls – so don’t throw them away!

Cut one side of the roll all the way down and place the wrapping paper you are using in it. 

Now you have a way of storing wrapping paper in an organised and tidy way. 

Plus it is a resourceful way of recycling the cardboard.

wrapping paper storage gift wrap hacks

6. Wrapping Paper Cutter

Let’s be honest, scissors can be a struggle to use. 

It may be that they’re blunt or the fact that straight lines are not guaranteed, we hate using them sometimes! 

There are so many good hacks out there to make your life easier this Christmas, try this one from TikTok user @nmd.styles’s 

What is it? It is an Elf gift wrap cutter!

It easily cuts through paper and uses the tube of paper to cut in a straight line, making it so much easier to wrap up presents.

If that sounds good to you then Elf is available to purchase here – straight lines are promised every time! 

Wrapping paper cutter gift wrap hacks

With plenty of quick and easy ways to wrap presents from using tape to create a one rip way to unwrap the parcel, using a ribbon to create a handle so it can be carried easily, wrapping a parcel using NO tape at all and recycling paper to be sustainable, there will always be a solution to any of your wrapping problems.

Now you know a few gift wrap hacks you will have no problem wrapping your presents this Christmas in your student accommodation for your flatmates, secret Santa giftee, friends or family. 

If you would really like to get in the Christmas spirit then check out our blog on films to watch to get you buzzing for December – if that doesn’t get you excited we don’t know what will.

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