The Top 7 Indian Restaurants in Brighton That You Shouldn't Miss

Brighton, a city known for its vibrant culture and eclectic culinary scene, is perfect for diverse dining experiences. Among its numerous culinary offerings, Indian cuisine stands out as a true crowd-pleaser, with a wide array of flavours and dishes that cater to every palate. In this blog, we have gathered together the top 7 Indian restaurants in Brighton that you absolutely shouldn’t miss.

 Our handpicked selection showcases a range of Indian culinary styles, from the rich and aromatic Gujarati cuisine to the fiery Flavors of South India and the colourful street food of North India. Whether you’re a fan of classic favourites like butter chicken and biryani or eager to explore regional specialties, Brighton’s Indian restaurants have something to satisfy every craving.


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1. Chilli Pickle

Chilli Pickle is a restaurant located at 17 Jubilee Street is an indian restaurant that offers an array of dishes to choose from. They are known for adding their creative twist to well-known Indian street food like Pani Puri, regional curries from all over India, Kebabs, and more. 

In 2008, they even won the award for Britain’s hottest curry for their unique spin on Anglo – Indian classics with Oxtail Madras. If you have been craving some authentic and delicious Indian food, this is not a restaurant that you should miss. 

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2. Indian Summer

This contemporary restaurant is not only known for its beautiful interiors but also its mouth-watering flavors. Reviewers call it “ the best Indian food “ they have ever had. They offer different dishes like poppadam, masala dosa, biryani, kheer, and more for you to choose from.

They have different menus like sharing platters, lunch, and evening menus but they have started to offer the evening menu during lunch time as well. So more options for you!

They also offer excellent service while you are dining there which makes the experience even more enjoyable.


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3. Manjus Restaurant Brighton 

This highly-rated Indian restaurant is located at 6 Trafalgar Street. They only offer vegetarian dishes which is a homage to authentic Gujarati cuisine. This family-owned restaurant has a very touching story to its beginnings.

Cooking was the passion of the 80-year-old mother from a very young age and this is a dream that she had let go of for several decades. But finally,  she realized her passion for running a restaurant and now has the chance to fulfill her dreams by serving food that fills you up with love and joy.

They serve sharing platters with delicious dishes like dhal makhani, paneer masala, and chili paneer among a large selection of vegetarian meals.

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4. Spice Bros

Spice Bros located at 16-18 Preston Road is a culinary gem known for its authentic Indian flavors and warm ambiance. This restaurant boasts a menu that celebrates the diversity of Indian cuisine, offering a tantalizing array of dishes from various regions. From fragrant biryanis to sizzling tandoori delights and mouthwatering curries, Spice Bros caters to every palate. The best part about this is that all their prices are very affordable as well!

This family-owned restaurant takes pride in the quality of their food and only uses the highest quality ingredients which contribute to the delicious taste.

If you are looking for authentic Indian flavours, this is a restaurant that you shouldn’t miss. 

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5. Bay Leaf Brighton 

Bay Leaf Brighton located at 48 St James Street, is yet another amazing Indian restaurant that specializes in dishes from all around India. The chefs have years of experience preparing authentic Indian food which results in the perfect balance of flavours in every single dish they serve. 

They offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian starters like Aloo Bhaji, Paneer Pakora to Reshmi Kebab, and Salmon Gulnar. You can also choose from freshly prepared mains like biriyani, curry, and jalfrazi among several others.

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Chicken biriyani

6. Mowgli Street Food

Mowgli Street Food has its branches in several cities across the UK and Brighton is one among them. What sets them apart is their interiors which have beautiful swings and decorations that offer you a unique dining experience. Their dishes aim to break any negative stereotype around Indian Food and they provide healthy Indian dishes that are just as tasty.

They have several different menus like gluten-free, vegan, set, and feasting so there is always something for everyone. If you are someone who appreciates good ambience with your meal then Mowgli might just be the perfect spot for you!

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7. Curry Leaf Cafe

If you are someone who likes South Indian food, Curry Leaf Cafe has everything that you are looking for. They are known for offering a sharing-style menu for South Indian Street food at affordable prices. The restaurant also has a great ambiance with unique Indian touches making it a perfect place to catch up with your friends over lunch. 

You can choose from an array of dishes like chicken 65, bhajis, pakoras, and more. They also offer a vegan menu so everyone can experience the mouth-watering flavors of the delicious street food!

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In conclusion, exploring the vibrant culinary scene of Brighton wouldn’t be complete without indulging in the flavours of these top 7 Indian restaurants. From the rich and aromatic curries at Indian Summer to the contemporary fusion dishes at The Chilli Pickle, each dish offers a unique experience that caters to diverse palates.

Beyond the delicious food, these restaurants also provide a warm and inviting atmosphere, making them perfect destinations for students looking to savour a taste of India while studying in Brighton. So, don’t miss out on these culinary gems; make sure to visit these Indian restaurants that will leave you craving more.


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