Stretch Your Budget Further With These Student Discounts 2024

Everyone loves saving some money on their purchases but for those studying at university, exclusive student discounts make all the difference to your budget. 

Whether it’s stretching your student loan that bit further with money off your shopping, saving some pennies when eating out or even being able to save when booking a trip away, there are plenty of student discounts in 2024 that you won’t want to miss out on! 

Rather than doing the research for yourself, we’ve done the hard work for you with our list of student discounts to stretch your budget further. 

Grab your besties and let them know, cos’ this is gonna be good! 

student discounts 2023

How To Get Student Discounts? 

Whilst studying at university you may be scrapped for cash, but thankfully many places offer discounts exclusively for those in higher education. 

The way it works depends on the money saving tool, for UNiDays you will need to sign up using your university institution email address or using your credit card style student ID to qualify for an account. 

Once this is verified, you will be able to start making the most of money off your favourite brands! 

Another popular discount site is StudentBeans and the way it works is, you sign up using your email address, and then verify your student status with an official document from your institution, such as your student card, acceptance letter or academic transcript.

Both UNiDays and StudentBeans have apps you can use to discover all the places near you that offer a discount, or you can use your account to input student discount codes when shopping online. 

You can also take advantage of amazing deals using TOTUM, powered by NUS extra.

The way this works is a bit different, you can sign up for their free TOTUM Student card or TOTUM PRO membership. 

With the pro membership you do have to pay £14.99 for a 12 month card to be able to save money on over 350 brands. 

However, considering it’s split over the year, it’s not a bad price, and you can sign up easily online!

Saving money as a student can even be as simple as bringing along your student ID card with you when eating or drinking out and asking if they offer a discount, if you don’t ask, you won’t get. 

How To Get Student Discounts

Student Discounts 2024 

Are you wanting to check out the latest deals and student discounts in 2024?

Check out our huge list below and get ready to start saving those pennies! 

Student Discounts 2023 


There are plenty of student discounts on offer to make shopping whilst at university affordable, we’ve included some of the best offers available below! 

shopping discounts

10% Off ASOS 

If you’re wanting to shop till you drop to find some fabulous outfits for your next night out, a special occasion or even a campus fit, ASOS is a great clothing site to head to. 

The best part is, they currently offer a 10% off student discount with a UNiDAYS or StudentBeans account so if you haven’t already signed up, make sure to do so for your own promo code to save money off cutting-edge fashion! 

ASOS student discount

10% Off Urban Outfitters

Are you wanting to save some money when shopping online or in-store through Urban Outfitters?

Well, with a UNiDAYS or StudentBeans account you can get 10% off due to your student status.  

It’s not just trendy clothing UO offers either, they also have bedding, furniture, wall art, accessories, lighting, rugs, kitchenware and plants on offer too! 

Urban Outfitters student discount

10% Off Superdrug 

Superdrug is the place to shop for health and beauty products with a huge range on offer from make up to skincare to fragrance to hair and more. 

As a student, you can benefit from a 10% discount when you shop in-store or online through using StudentBeans.  

10% off superdrug studentbeans

20% Off JD Sports 

Everyone knows students can be a little short on cash, which is why JD Sports offer an amazing 20% off student discount. 

You can shop in-store or online for the ultimate campus fashion through UNiDays or StudentBeans, what’re you waiting for?! 

JD sports student deals


When it comes to student discounts 2024, there are plenty of deals to be found on days out, travel experiences and hotel stays, browse our next selection to discover them! 

leisure day out friends

10% Off has hundreds of thousands of places to stay across the world, so if you’re looking to book a getaway in the near future to celebrate the end of the academic year, you can get 10% off! 

With great holidays in the UK and worldwide, head over to UNiDAYS or StudentBeans to get a student price. student deals

10% off Ryanair 

As one of the most popular airlines in the UK, Ryanair is a top choice for many due to their affordable prices, and luckily for students they also offer a 10% discount. 

Before booking your next European flight with Ryanair, make sure to use your StudentBeans account to lower the price! 

Ryanair money saving deals

15% Off National Express

When travelling home, visiting your friends in other university towns or cities or even exploring a new place, you’ll most likely want to choose the most budget friendly option. The answer to your prayers is National Express! 

If National Express weren’t already an affordable travel provider, you can also grab 15% off coach bookings with your student status through UNiDays.

20% Off Virgin Experience Days 

If you’re a student who wants to make unforgettable memories then Virgin Experience Days are one to check out, with over 3,000 experiences from mini-breaks to spa days to master classes to adventure days and more. 

You can treat yourself or even someone special and get a 20% student discount deal on UNiDays – who could turn that down! 

Virgin Experience Days student discounts 2023

Eating Out 

Eating out is one of life’s simplest pleasures. Whether it’s enjoying a cheap eat out with your pals after a day on campus, going out for a meal to celebrate a special occasion or even enjoying a candle-lit date night, it’s the best! 

As a student, you can find great student deals on all your favourite restaurants and food hubs, we’ve listed a few of the best below… 

eating out friends

20% Off Yo! Sushi 

You can explore a wide selection of Japanese food made from the freshest ingredients at Yo! Sushi restaurants across the UK. 

There’s famous sushi rolls, chicken katsu curries, Korean fried chicken, spicy ramen bowls and plenty of other dishes on the menu! 

Ready to roll? Your 20% off student discount is waiting for you on UNiDAYS, available Sunday through to Friday. 

Yo Sushi student discount

50% Off Dominos 

We all know Dominos is super delicious but it’s definitely not the cheapest of food options, but you’ll be glad to know they offer a whopping 50% off for students. 

So, you can order your favourite pizzas, sides and dips without burning a hole in your bank account! 

Ordering with your friends for a tasty tea? Get some money taken off your order by using Student Beans.

Dominos Pizza student discounts 2023

20% Off TGI Fridays 

Who doesn’t love eating out at one of the best American food chains in the UK?

TGI Fridays are home to the infamous Fridays Sesame Chicken Strips, mouth-watering burgers, yummy burgers, crispy house fries and so much more. 

Enjoy the perks of your university status with 30% off your food bill at TGI Fridays on UNiDAYS

TGI Fridays student discounts 2023

30% Off Zizzi

At Zizzi restaurants you can experience flavourful Italian food from Rustic pizzas to fresh pasta dishes to cheesy garlic breads to moreish sides. 

If you and your friends are looking for somewhere to eat out on the High Street, book a table at Zizzi and get 30% off your food bill Monday to Wednesday with UNiDAYS – yes please! 

Zizzi student discounts 2023


If you’re wanting to purchase a new laptop, camera, mobile phone, tablet or another device whilst at university, you’re in luck as you can start saving today thanks to exclusive discounts for students. 

Within this section we’ve curated a list of the best technology student discounts 2024.

/technology student discounts 2023

10% Off Apple

When purchasing a Mac, iPad, software or accessories for university you can be more money savvy thanks to Apple’s student discount. 

You can unlock up to 10% off Apple’s Education Pricing when you sign up for UNiDAYS or StudentBeans so be sure to take advantage of this! 

Apple's education pricing

10% Off My Nintendo Store 

Are you a student gamer? You can pay less on all your favourite games, consoles, official merchandise, amiibo, and more with a student discount on the My Nintendo Store. 

Simply use your StudentBeans account to stretch your loan that bit further when shopping through the world of Nintendo. 

My Nintendo Store

20% Off O2 

Next up on our list of student discounts 2024 is O2, one of the leading mobile phone providers in the country. 

O2 have got the deals to save you some money whilst studying, with UNiDAYS offering 20% off airtime plans as well as 20% off selected accessories, along with other discounts depending on what you’re after. 

With StudentBeans, you can also benefit from 20% off due to being a student! 

o2 student discounts 2023

50% Off Amazon Prime 

Last but not least in our list of the best student discounts 2024 to stretch your budget further is Amazon Prime.

Another perk of studying at university is that you can get 6 months free Amazon Prime with next day delivery on millions of items, streaming access for thousands of movies and TV shows as well as other student offers.

After the 6 month trial is over, you can then benefit from 50% off Amazon Prime – how amazing is that?! 

Amazon Prime Student

One of the perks of studying at university is all of the discounts available, and hopefully our guide has given you an insight into the best ones in 2024 – Happy Saving! 

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