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Are you thinking about studying at The University of Surrey or The University of Law the next academic year and asked yourself if is Guildford a good place to live? Then the first reason to study here could be our student accommodation in Guildford, which offers a great environment for the students living in this popular Surrey town.

Ok, ok, we admit there are other awesome reasons as well, just keep scrolling.

This county town provides students with the perfect balance between rural and city life, making it the ideal choice for those that want a mixture of both.

The historic town welcomes over 16,000 students each year, so you don’t have to worry about making new friends!

To fully convince you to move to this amazing town, check now our guide for the Top Reasons to Live in Guilford, you won’t regret it!


1. The Ideal Location

South East England map

Located in the South West of London and just 30 minutes by train from the big city, Guilford town provides its citizens with great transport links and easy access to the capital.

You’ll be able to visit your favourite places in London without experiencing the crowded city life.

The trains take just 30 minutes and leave you in London Waterloo, right in the city centre!

If you fancy some beach time, the South Coast of England is just about a 1-hour drive.

Guildford Station also offers trains to some south points but you might have to do some changes.

Students living in Guilford can spend their weekends shopping at Oxford Street or have a swim in Worthing when the weather allows.


2. Outstanding Natural Beauty

North Downs

This relatively compact town in the Surrey countryside hides natural gems in every corner.

Guilford has conserved plenty of green spaces and great parks over the years.

Stoke Park is a great example. This green land space located on the edge of the town centre is a gift for the community living in Guildford, with a beautiful lake you can tour on those sunny days.

If you’re looking for something different, the North Downs is a moderately challenging route with spectacular views for people who crave the excitement of a good adventure.

Another must-visit in the beautiful countryside town, is The Surrey Hills, a popular natural area that offers amazing views to its visitors, perfect if you want to enjoy a day of outdoor activities with your pals!


3. Shopping Won’t be a Problem

The Friary Shopping Centre Guildford

Guildford offers the perfect balance between rural and city life, so you won’t have to give up your favourite big high street names.

The Friary Shopping Centre is the largest shopping centre in the town, with plenty of worldwide recognise brands and high street favourites but also plenty of quaint and curious independent shops

On Guildford’s cobbled High Street in the town centre, holding the famous Guildhall Gold Clock, you’ll find some of the best fashion boutiques in the south east and cosmetic shops along with other big brands.

North Street is the home of vintage shops and if you are someone who loves knowing where their food is coming from, every first Tuesday of the month the farmers market opens up delighting people with its local products!


4. A Rich History

Guildford castle and gardens

Guildford, established as a small town by Saxon settlers during the 5th Century, has developed a rich history during the centuries, with impressive historical attractions worth visiting.

The first gem to mention is the Guildford Castle, which dates back to 1086. The castle grounds and free to enter, and tickets to enter the keep are £3.70 for adults.

Guildford Cathedral was built between 1936 and 1961. The cathedral has its doors open to all visitors and offers a range of attractions and tours to enjoy with friends as part of your tourist days.

If you want to learn more about the city, you can visit the Guildford Museum, right next to the castle grounds, and free to visit!


5. Great Student Life


Apart from the great educational institutions this town has to offer, Guildford is the ideal place to blend your life at the university with tons of cultural and social experiences.

The town has a great student vibe thanks to the popular universities it houses. The renowned University of Surrey is just a short walk from the town centre. For those who prefer not to walk in the early mornings, Guildford offers great transport links to everywhere in the town.

Right at the heart of the campus, there is a fabulous library, which is open 24/7. The grounds also feature a landscaped green space for the students.

For the fun part, the Students Union runs a busy event schedule so don’t miss the party at Rubix, Hari’s Bar, and The Basement!


6. Nights Out Will be a Must

Student party

As we already mentioned, if you’re looking for a night out, the Students’ Union hosts student nights on most Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays in Rubix on Stag Hill campus.

The cobbled streets of the town centre have some great bars and pubs too! The Casino Nighclub, Bar Thirteen and Popworld (with dance floor included) host various student nights on Mondays and Wednesdays.

For a cocktail party with friends, Komo is a popular cocktail bar with live music, the perfect environment right opposite River Wey.


The Casino Nightclub

Bar Thirteen




7. Restaurants for All Tastes

Spanish tapas food

Apart from the student favourite and budget-friendly Weatherspoons, the food scene in Guildford offers great options for all tastes, which has led to it receiving the Purple Flag Status in 2014.

If you forget your lunch box at home, the Stag Hill campus has a variety of cafes and restaurants for a quick meal with your classmates.

La Casita is a Spanish restaurant highly recommended by all students in the town. It also offers vegetarian and gluten-free dishes, as well as takeaways for those lazy days when you just cba. Best news – you can eat there for less than £20!

For all Asian cuisine lovers, the Jeita offers the best Lebanese menu in Guildford with huge portions of Shawarma, Meshwi and Bamieh.

The best British Pub food menu will be found in The Kings Head, a traditional English pub located in King’s Road perfect for grabbing a pint with friends while enjoying the proper English flavours.

La Casita


The Kings Head


8. The 20th Happiest Place to Live in Great Britain

Guildford High Street

If all the above reasons have not been enough, Rightmove’s annual Happy at Home revealed in 2021 that Guildford was the 20th Happiest Place to live in Great Britain.

It might be because of its community vibe, because of its picturesque cobbled streets, or perhaps the perfect location, but Guildford remains the first choice for thousands of students across the UK.



Now that you’ve made your choice, hurry up and book your student accommodation in Guildford before it is sold out. Prepare your luggage and get ready for the next academic year!

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