In Need Of A Tech Time Out? Here's What You Can Do To Shake Things Up

We live in a hectic, fast-paced world that is managed and delivered by tech. 

It can be daunting and tiring to constantly be on the go, to constantly be on the clock with social media and reliant on our phones for everything from using Google Maps to help us travel, to ordering in takeaway on Deliveroo, or even just listening to music or reading a digital book. 

We work on our laptops, sometimes remotely, and stay in touch with friends far away via video chats and sending voice notes on WhatsApp. 

Technology is everywhere, but you can take a tech time out and recharge your batteries.

You might find that it’s the best thing you can do for your health and wellbeing as a student.

tech time out

Social Media Anxiety Disorder

One of the biggest indicators that you might need to take a tech time out is that you are suffering with social media anxiety disorder

This is more likely to be seen in people who suffer with general anxiety, but it is where you feel like you struggle to go even a few hours without checking your phone for notifications from your social media profiles. 

The dopamine hit that we receive when we get that alert on our smartphones is something that we can all relate too. 

It can get out of hand though, especially if you just cannot go a while without having your phone in your hand to check on the latest post from your friends or favourite celebrities.

 Social Media Anxiety Disorder


Doomscrolling is the act of constantly scrolling through social media and the internet to keep up with the news, particularly if the news is bad. 

Whether it’s the Russian war in Ukraine, the impact of climate change, Brexit, Covid-19, and economic factors, it seems like the last few years have been full of bad news. 

The cycle never ends. It can be difficult to stop looking at it, even if it makes us panic, causes greater anxiety or feelings of helplessness. 

You need to find the balance so that you can stay informed without it wrecking your head.


How To Take A Tech Time Out 

What can you do to take that tech time out and focus on yourself and not your smartphone?

Find out below with our tips and tricks! 

How To Take A Tech Time Out 

1. Ditch The Tech Before Bed

One of the biggest concerns that a lot of us have is that we never feel fully refreshed when we wake up in the morning. 

A major player in this is the fact that we all spend time in bed scrolling on our phones. 

This is not conducive to good sleep as our brains remain active for much longer into the night, when we should be winding down and trying to get to sleep. 

Over time, this can cause problems to our sleep patterns, leave us groggy and unable to focus, and poor sleep can cause long-term health issues if you are not careful with your poor sleeping habits.

not going on your phone before bed

2. Take Up DIY

Taking up DIY doesn’t necessarily mean getting out a saw and a hammer and building a big cabinet for your kitchen or a new desk for your study space, although of course it can. 

It could be that you look at smaller DIY projects that take your mind to a creative place and away from tech, but that also might be useful to your studies and home. 

Think about creating storage spaces for your accessories, colour-code your revision and homework calendars, make that spice rack for your kitchen. 

The possibilities are endless! 

taking up DIY

3. Cook Or Bake

Cooking or baking are both things which can get you into a good headspace especially if they’re something you enjoy doing. 

As part of a weekly routine, baking a cake, or preparing a meal for you and your friends can take up a few hours. 

It can be fun, rewarding, and delicious if you’re good at it! 

A good plan is to work out different recipes that you’ve always wanted to try, alongside your favourites, and work your way through them over the course of the semester. 

This builds in tech free time every week.

It can also be a good activity to bond with your flatmates in your student apartment kitchen!

cooking and baking tech time out

4. Read A Book

Reading for fun is a real pleasure that we should all embrace. 

Putting down your phone and your laptop, switching off for a few hours with a book that has nothing to do with your studies is a great way to take a tech break. 

Reading expands the mind, makes us curious, and gives us that break away from technology that is good for our physical and mental health.

Whether it’s reading self help books to help your mental health and wellbeing, reading non-fiction books to learn more about certain topics or even delving into the world of fiction, there’s tons of different genres of books out there! 

reading a book tech time out

5. Go On Walks 

Exercise is good for us physically of course, but it is also a fantastic way to step away from technology and the hectic pace of life for a bit. 

Slow down, take a deep breath of fresh air, and explore the surroundings of where you live. 

If you have access to the countryside, even better, it’ll get you out into nature and for long walks. 

Even if you only leave your student flat to walk around your local area for an hour a day though, this is a good thing to do.

going on walks tech time out

What Are The Benefits Of Taking A Tech Time Out? 

Now you know some different ways you can shake it up and take a tech time out, you can discover the range of benefits it can have to your mental wellbeing.

Read on to find out! 

What Are The Benefits Of Taking A Tech Time Out? 

Stay Present & In The Moment

It can be difficult to enjoy the moment when we’re constantly on our phones and thinking about the next thing, the next piece of content we can consume. 

Many of us struggle to stay present, but by taking time out and focusing on other things you’ll learn how to enjoy each moment – mindfulness is key! 

staying present and in the moment

Better Sleep

Your sleep takes a big hit if you are constantly on your phone at night. 

Winding down for sleep by turning off your phone an hour before bed, switching off Netflix, and trying to focus on relaxation and drifting off to sleep, will help you. 

Improving your sleep habits, trying to sleep at the same time most nights, and putting away the tech before you do so, helps you to sleep better. 

You’ll feel refreshed and ready for the day each morning, and over time have better brain function, feel healthier physically, as well as having a better likelihood of positive mental health. 

better sleep tech time out

Improve Productivity

Better sleep and better mindfulness will improve how you interact with your studies. 

If you are feeling healthier in your mind it is only right that you’ll feel you have a better foundation to build from in all aspects of your life. 

Your university studies require focus, attention, clarity of thought, and in some cases creativity and innovation. 

A healthier mind and body will help you to achieve these things as well as improve your productivity and learnings.

tech time out improve productivity

Take that tech time out that we all need from time to time by following some of the steps and tips we’ve mentioned! 

It can be incredibly freeing to go out for a walk in the country without stopping to take a photo every few minutes, and not keeping an eye on the map the entire time. 

Close your apartment door, switch off your phone and get a book out for an afternoon, find a new hobby and throw yourself into that, whether it’s drawing, painting, dancing, doing some DIY, or anything else that takes your fancy. 

A short break away from technology every now and then does wonders for your mental health and will make you feel good. 

Let us know, how do you unwind away from tech? What are your biggest pointers that you do need a break? @essentialstudentliving.

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