10 Snacks You Need For Your Next Study Session

Studying is hard sometimes, we all know how tough it is to get in the zone for a study session, to revise for upcoming exams, or to work on coursework that is due soon and you’re running out of time. 

Finding the right balance in life and using some student management tools will help you to carve out the right amount of time without putting too much stress on yourself, but what can you do to help during the study time itself? 

Snacking could be key to your energy levels and focus, and thanks to our guide, you can find out the best ones you need for your next study session in your student flat.

study snacks

Why Do I Need To Snack When Studying?

 Study sessions can often be hours at a time, and at university we are generally studying for long hours and days. 

Snacks are a great way to bridge the gap between meals, helping us to stay energised, stabilising blood glucose and stimulating our metabolism. 

Staying hydrated and fed during study helps us to stay focused when we need it the most.

We’ve put together a list of the best study snacks to keep your mind focused and to power you through, even if you are really tired!

reasons to snack when studying

1. Grab The Nuts

Nuts and seeds are one of the easiest and most effective study snacks that you can choose. 

They are incredibly healthy for us, they are known to improve levels of concentration, help to boost memory, and can even help you think faster. 

Nuts are also full of magnesium which keeps your stress levels low. 

They are also packed full of good fats, whilst the act of munching is a good way to reduce stress, acting as a sort of stress ball.

eating nuts study snacks

2. Snack On Berries

 All berries are full of vitamin C which is great at boosting your immune system, reducing stress, and is just generally good for you. 

Blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, mulberries – there is just so much choice when it comes to berries. 

They can be a little expensive to buy in the little portions in supermarkets every day.

So, why not buy a bag of frozen berries in your next grocery shop and freeze them in smaller portions that you can take with you to your next study session?

snacking on berries

3. Greek Yoghurt

Yoghurt and granola make a great breakfast or brunch to start the morning, a way to power you through the day of study ahead. 

When you are looking at berries as a study snack (see above) that is packed with vitamin C, combining it with Greek yoghurt is another glorious option. 

Greek yoghurt is twice as high in protein as regular yoghurt and helps to boost your mental capacity.

greek yoghurt study snacks

4. Eat Some Fruit

Fruit is such an easy study snack, and just a simple snack for us to be eating every day no matter where we are or what we are doing. 

There is such a wide variety you can always find something that you like, whether it’s an apple, a banana, an orange, grapes, kiwi fruit, we could go on and on and on. 

A piece of fruit will give you the vitamins and minerals your body needs, giving your brain an energy boost at the same time! 

student eating fruit

5. Dried Fruit 

We know, dried fruit sometimes looks the same as your fingers after you’ve been sat in the bath too long, like wrinkly old people. 

Dried fruit is really, really good for you though, making it one of the better study snacks around. 

They are full of iron, potassium, fibre, and antioxidants, and because they’ve shrivelled down to miniature size, they’re easy for you to shovel into your mouth when you need a quick boost during a study session! 

dried fruit studying

6. The Darker The Chocolate, The Better

When you’re a kid dark chocolate is boring, it’s for adults – right? 

As you grow older you do realise there’s something about it you like, and the research backs it up that dark chocolate is good for you

Chocolate that is good for you, what’s not to like?!

Dark chocolate increases blood flow to the brain and produces endorphins, it will stimulate you, make you happy, and is another quick and easy snack to have by your side. 

Just remember that we’re talking about the good stuff here, anything that is 70% cocoa or above.

dark chocolate

7. Popcorn 

 Popcorn doesn’t have to be reserved solely for the cinema!

It makes a brilliant revision snack, it is relatively cheap to buy, and is low in calories in most cases. 

If you’ve got access to a microwave bag of popcorn you can even get the fresh, warm popcorn you would get in the cinema.

popcorn snacking

8. Stick To The Vegetables

It doesn’t always have to be the carrot or the stick to motivate you to study, how about a carrot stick instead? 

Chop up some carrots, celery, cucumber, any fresh raw vegetable that you like, and bring them with you to your study session. 

The crunch provides a nice texture, and the chewing action is a little stress relief. 

Obviously, vegetables are very good for you, whichever way you look at it.

Personally, we love some hummus with our veggies to dip in, but each to their own! 

vegetables study snacks

9. Olives

Olives are not to every person’s taste, we understand that, but they do make a good study snack. 

They contain the natural chemical polyphenols, which helps the brain to reduce oxidative stress. 

Over time, snacking on olives is a fantastic way to boost your memory skills, perfect for studying and revision.

Try them out and see what you think!  

Olives snack

10. A Sugary Sweet Treat!

Sometimes, as much as you want to stick to the healthy study snacks, the time calls for a sugary sweet treat. 

Some sweets are better than others at giving you that hit that you need to boost your focus for a short time. 

Create a study snack jar that includes all of your treats, such as popcorn and pretzels, wine gums, jelly babies, M&Ms, whatever little snacky sweets and chocolates you love.

sugary treat study snacks

Don’t Forget To Stay Hydrated!

When you are choosing which study snacks you want, don’t forget to include drinks in your plan of action. 

A fizzy drink of pop, an energy drink, or a cup of coffee for the caffeine boost might seem like a good idea but don’t get into the habit of drinking loads of these as they are not good for you and will lead to you ‘crashing’ when they wear off. 

Always have a glass or bottle of water on your desk during a study session.

Even mild hydration can cause you to suffer some memory loss, lessen your mood, affect your concentration and focus, and reduce your reaction time. 

A few glasses of water a day will help you to stay balanced, remain healthy, and keep you hydrated for study time. 

Another option is to sip cups of tea alongside the water you drink during the day, black tea, oolong tea, and green tea are all brilliant options, as they contain that caffeine boost but also theanine which will help to improve your focus.

staying hydrated university student

Whether you’re a wine gum lover when you’re studying in the library, you reach for the Greek yoghurt and berries, or you’ve always got a pack of nuts on your desk at your student apartment, study snacks should become an important part of your study arsenal. 

Study is hard, and you know you might need some help to get through the next session, so choose your study snacks wisely. 

What do you reach for when you need that boost to your focus and concentration? Let us know @essentialstudentliving. 

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