Best Abroad Jobs For Students This Summer

If you’re eager to work abroad this summer, look no further! Here at Essential Student Living we will be exploring the BEST job opportunities for students who want to travel. After all, who doesn’t want to party it up in the sunshine meeting new people, experiencing new places and earning money whilst you’re at it?! It sure sounds like a worthwhile summer break.  

If you’ve never worked abroad before the process can seem a bit daunting and you may not know where to start or what jobs would be good for you. Get prepped, we’ve got all the important stuff needed for a fabulous summer of working abroad!  

Let’s get crackin’ 

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The benefits of working abroad 

It is a given that most university students would want to work abroad than working in the UK due to the hotter weather. It almost feels like a holiday and you’re getting paid for it – wow! But what are the other benefits of working abroad?  

  • Meet new people – Whilst working abroad you’ll meet lots of new people who may become life-long friends, from the colleagues you’ll be working alongside, to the locals of your working destination. You may even make friends with customers if you’re in a service facing role. As well as making friends with children or families if you choose to take up a child support job. You’ll build a network of contacts whilst travelling who you’ll spend a lot of time with whilst working.  
  • Gain new skills – Working abroad will provide you with great skills both personally and professionally. Such as communication skills, team building skills, problem-solving skills, adaptability, language skills and international experience – to name a few! These transferable skills will stand out to employers in the future and look great on your CV.  
  • Make memories – Embarking on a summer of working abroad will provide you with a once in a lifetime opportunity. The memories you make will stay with you forever and we’re sure you’ll have the BEST experience.  
  • Good working environment – Having a good time whilst earning money AND the weather is nice and sunny, could you ask for more?! You’ll be surrounded by like-minded people and be able to experience new places and cultures. Whilst you are there to work, you’ll get some free time to go and explore which means you don’t have to save tons to travel around.  
  • Works around studying – Summer work, yep you guessed it, takes place during the summer months during your vacation period from university. So, this line of work fits in well with university semesters, you can finish your exams and assignments and then go off to work and take a break. You also don’t have a long duration commitment, after the summer is done, you can go back home and back to your studies.  

Summer abroad

What are the best abroad jobs for students in summer? 

There are absolutely tons of abroad work opportunities in different industries and locations. From Europe to worldwide destinations, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to applying for positions.  

You don’t need to be a student to secure a seasonal job abroad, but it sure helps because the working period tends to run from June-August during the busy holiday months. Which is great as it works around your university schedule, as we mentioned earlier.  

Whereas if you’re not a student and in full time work, you’d probably have to leave your current position to work abroad for the summer. Be prepared that your job at home won’t be waiting for you to get back with open arms. 

Nonetheless, here is our detailed list of the BEST jobs for university students looking to work abroad for the summer.  

1. Tourism & Hospitality Work  

Hospitality work is popular with university students because they offer such flexibility and a good social-life (at times). So, if you’re already working within bar work whilst studying, this would be the perfect option for you! But don’t worry if you’ve never worked in a pub or bar before and want to work in hospitality abroad, you’ll receive training and support in your specific role!  

Hotels and holiday parks need staff for the busy summer periods and offer a variety of roles such as bar work, holiday reps, club hosts, waitresses, event staff, ticket selling, glass collectors, dancers and DJ’s.  

Working in hospitality or tourism is super exciting, you’ll be surrounded by other young people and have fun whilst working. Despite working unsociable hours in most roles, you’ll never be far from the party. It can also lead to more opportunities to work abroad. Such as, you may meet new people who like you, after your current position is finished, want to go on and find adventures elsewhere.  

However, working in this field means you need to be able to work in a fast-paced environment and be patient as you may have to deal with difficult customers and holidaymakers.  

Bar work holiday

2. Summer Camp Work 

Another great choice for students wanting to work abroad is summer camp jobs, there are many positions available in different locations and settings.  

You’ve probably already heard of Camp America and Camp Canada and chances are, you’ll know someone whose took part on your undergraduate study or a friend of a friend. However, summer camps take place across the globe so research different locations if you’re after working at a particular place!  

Working at summer camps means you’ll be working with children and young adults, providing them with a great experience and vice versa. 

Job positions at summer camps mostly include camp counsellors, activity specialists and support staff. Summer camps are well known for their adventure and outdoor activities but in recent times they’ve expanded with tons of activities available such as digital media. So, if you’re interested in transferring a specific skill and teaching others about it then this would be great for you. 

You’ll be expected to work hard but you’ll receive great support and meet loads of new people, building great relationships throughout your working life! If you excelled at camp, you may even choose to go back to the same location next summer. And the best part is, camp fits around your university studies as its when children are on their vacation break too! 

Camp work

3. Au Pair Work 

If you’re wanting an exciting summer abroad job, then why not become an Au Pair? This type of position involves supporting families in looking after their children during the summer months when school’s out.  

Duties and responsibilities as an Au Pair vary depending on different programs, locations or families. But expect to provide the families children with support whilst spending time with them and doing fun activities. You may also be tasked with helping them learn English and may also help your host family with housework and cooking. 

A great aspect of Au pairing is that you will be given your accommodation free of charge as you will be staying with the host family, you’ll be working with which means you’ll be saving money in comparison to other roles. Just make sure to research who you’ll be staying with and if they’d be a good fit for you.  

This line of work provides you with the chance to travel and get to know a new culture whilst also learn a new language which will look great when you start applying for graduate positions! It’s an obvious factor that you’ll need to be good with kids to succeed at this role. This new experience will be challenging and come with responsibility but will hopefully give you fantastic memories and a fantastic relationship with your host family.  



4. Teaching  

Teaching abroad for a short period is a great option for students, you don’t have to be studying an undergraduate degree in education to do it either!  

You get to travel to a new location and immerse yourself in its culture and traditions, and there are opportunities across the world. Although, if you’re going for a shorter period over the summer you might want to stay a bit closer to home, and it will be cheaper in travel expenses too. 

Many teaching abroad positions seek native English speakers to teach it as a foreign language, but there are lots of teaching opportunities such as being a tutor or counsellor for children or adults. There may even be jobs available for teachers or tutors for your degree field subject, so do your research and find positions suited to you.  

Teaching abroad will not only give you bags of skills and experience but is an opportunity to help others leaving you feeling rewarded after. Short-term programs can be a duration of a week to a couple of months so after you’ve finished, you can go back to your studies come September and you might even have some additional qualifications!  

Like we said, there are tons of summer job opportunities so if none on our list are tickling your fancy, don’t worry. Go out and research and find something that you think you’ll enjoy and will work best for you. 

Teaching abroad

Applying for Summer Jobs 

When applying for summer jobs, you need to bear in mind that working abroad comes with its costs. You’ll most likely have to pay for your travel expenses such as flights and accommodation, however sometimes they may be included. Always check in advance and plan out whether the cost is something you can commit to.  

BTW, you may need a working holiday visa to work in some of these industries or in specific locations, so always check job descriptions thoroughly when applying. 

As we are currently already at the start of summer, it may be hard to secure work for the oncoming months as a lot of opportunities get snatched up fast due to popular demand. It’s easier to start the process early on to plan things like flights and accommodation, if necessary, too. But don’t fret, there may still be opportunities available for this summer, so go and find your ideal abroad job! 

There are online resources where you can explore different summer jobs and a simple google search will lead you in the right direction. Summer Takeover is great for finding hospitality work. Season Workers is a working travel website where you can find seasonal opportunities in Europe. 

You can also speak to your careers advisor at university or go on your colleges online website to see if they have a section dedicated to seasonal work, which might help you find and pinpoint positions ideal for you! 

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You’ve reached the end of our blog on the best abroad jobs for students this summer, we hope you’ve finished feeling super insightful and prepared to work abroad. We wish you all the success in finding the best abroad jobs if you’re currently looking! 

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