9 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day In A Long Distance Relationship

Valentine’s Day is coming up real soon so make sure you plan ahead, especially those of you in a long distance relationship – which is even more important if you’re both in different time zones!

We understand it can be hard when you can’t be together how you would like but there are still ways to celebrate, even if it is from your student accommodation.

Make memories together no matter where you are in the world, they’re more precious than any materialistic gift and the best way to feel closer to each other.

There are plenty of things you can do together but if you are not sure, we have compiled a list of 9 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a long distance relationship.

So carry on reading and get your creative caps on…

long distance relationship valentines day

1. Host A Virtual Date

One of the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you can’t spend it together in person is with a virtual date.

With all the technology we have at our fingers (Facetime, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype), there is almost no limit on how we can interact with each other.

So why not organise a romantic meal that you can eat over your video call? 

It will almost be like a normal date but you just happen not to be in the same room as each other.

Or, just spend time on your call catching up, getting to know each other even better (if that’s possible) and bonding.

Sometimes the simple things can be the most special.

Whatever it is you decide to do, it is sure to be something awesome.

host a virtual date valentine's day

2. Send A Takeaway To Your Partner

Since you cannot go out for a meal together, why not make the evening more special by buying your partner’s favourite takeaway? 

What’s better than to receive food from your favourite local restaurant bought especially for you by your significant other. 

It will make a virtual date even more romantic and special. 

Alternatively if that is not possible why not cook each other’s favourite meal.

It is one way to feel closer to them when you cannot be there in person, and a personal touch to a romantic date to make it even more memorable.

You can even combine both and have a video call with each of your favourite takeaways – romance ain’t dead! 

takeaway virtual date valentine's day

3. Stream Games Together

Just because you may be spending the day apart doesn’t mean you can’t spend time having fun together.

If you and your partner are into gaming, then why not spend an evening gaming with each other – just the two of you!

But if that is not your thing then why not try playing a game over Facetime or other online platforms.

There are plenty of games you can play virtually over FaceTime and Zoom, here are a few ideas that can make sure your night is absolutely fun, fun, fun. 

You can also change the games up a bit to suit the theme of the day.

streaming games valentine's day

4. Watch A Film At The Same Time

You may be miles apart but that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to do things other couples do, you just have to think outside the box.

Just like watching a film is something couples do together, you can still do that just a little differently.

Why not watch a romantic film over FaceTime with both of you playing the film on your own TV at the same time – don’t forget the snacks!

With easy access to platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, as long as you can both agree on a film it should be easy peasy lemon squeezy.

You could both make the most of Teleparty too which lets you watch Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and HBO online as well as chat and react in real time. 

watching netflix long distance relationship valentine's day

5. Enjoy A Sunrise Or Sunset Together

Just like the films, how does enjoying a sunrise or sunset together over FaceTime sound?

Whether you have an early morning, evening journey to the beach or enjoy it from your own room it will sure be such a romantic way to start or end the day.

If you are in different time zones this could be more difficult but when there is a will there’s a way.

You could send each other photos of the sunrise or sunset from where you are as they are happening.

So, the other person has a beautiful picture waiting for them next time they look at their phone.

Or, choose one of your locations as the destination to watch the sunrise or sunset and the other for one day changes the hours they are awake and asleep to watch it through FaceTime.

enjoying the sunset

6. Create A Shared Spotify Playlist

With being so far apart you will at some points find yourself missing your partner especially on days like Valentine’s Day.

So why not make them something special that will remind them of you when you are not there – a Spotify playlist is perfect for this! 

You can fill it full of songs that remind you of them and vice versa and share it with them.

They now have something to comfort them when they are missing you and can feel close to you. 

Plus it can bring up nice memories that they want to remember forever as you can add your own photographs and names to playlists – so romantic!

shared Spotify playlist long distance relationship valentines day

7. Plan A Trip Together

Whilst you may not be able to meet up for Valentine’s Day, there will be other opportunities for you to see each other.

So why not spend the day planning a trip where you can both see each other or plan when you can both meet up next in person? 

There are many ways to meet up, including meeting up in the middle so you both are travelling the same distance.

Alternate between who travels to who to make it fair or choose a nice destination for a little holiday to spend some time together – it is the perfect excuse!

This gives you something to look forward to, so start counting down the days.

You could even have a look at both holidays and experience days to see what you both can do two together in the near future! 

planning a trip together long distance relationship valentines day

8. Send Them A Personal Message

With technology being the main way we now communicate, sending something by post can be something different to do for your partner. 

If you want to be romantic this Valentine’s Day, sending a love letter to your partner can be something special and thoughtful. 

With not being able to spend time together this can be such a heartfelt way to express how you feel about them and something they can cherish when they miss you.

Or if that isn’t possible, sending them a little video message that they can keep forever can be just as special and thoughtful as a letter.

It is something personable that they can re watch over and over as many times as they like.

love letter long distance relationship valentines day

9. Care Package

If you want to go a step further, then sending your partner a care package can be a great gift this Valentine’s Day.

Sending them a care package full of their favourite things can show them how much you care about them, how much you know and listen to them and how much you have thought about them.

This can include anything you wish to include, from their favourite snacks and drinks to little souvenirs that remind them of you or specific memories.

This can make your partner feel special and appreciated whilst making this day memorable even when you are apart! 

care package long distance relationship valentines day

That is it, this is the end of our list of 9 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a long distance relationship.

So no matter where you are and how you spend Valentine’s Day, make sure your loved one knows how much you love them and care for them! 

Whether it’s through a virtual date, shared playlist, or through a posted gift, it will sure be a day full of memories to last a lifetime.

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