10 Shopping Tips for the Boxing Day Sales

Christmas is a festive, fun time of year. What gets some of us even more excited though is the promise of sales on our favourite items just 24 hours after Christmas Day.  

We’ve put together some Boxing Day sales tips to help you find those big-ticket items at a low price, to help you make the most of a student budget when buying some birthday gifts for January babies, or to just spend your Christmas money in the finest way.  

When you get back to your student apartment after visiting the Boxing Day sales, you’ll have everything you need and want for 2023 without breaking the bank! 

boxing day sales tips

When Do The Sales Start?

What some people refer to as ‘the January sales’ actually start on December 26th, which is why we’re offering you Boxing Day sales tips.

It goes on right through to the end of January in most cases, both in-store and online for a whole host of retailers, brands, and stores both big and independent.  

Boxing day shopping

Boxing Day Sales Tips

Here are our top 10 tips that will help you make the most of the Boxing Day and January sales. 

Thanks to our tricks, you’ll smash this shopping extravaganza!

tips for the boxing day sales

1. Know What You Want 

Before you go anywhere to shop it’s important to make a shopping list and know exactly what you want.  

This is the only way you’ll save money in the sales and not go around throwing cash at every item that makes you stop and pick it up.  

Write the list before Christmas, as you want to get on with shopping right away on Boxing Day, and cross off any items that you have received as a gift this Christmas.   

shopping list boxing day

2. Set A Budget 

 You probably don’t want to think about doing work at the same time as all those lovely clothes you can buy in the Boxing Day sales, but it is important to keep a grip on how much you spend.  

We’re helping you out here, so go with it. If you want to make the most of the sales at this time of year, set yourself a budget and make sure you stick to it.

Have a longer incentive to save money and this will help you to stick to your Boxing Day sales budget.  

Otherwise, you may spend more of your student loan than you have available, and that won’t be good!

shopping budget

3. Plan & Don’t Window Shop 

As well as setting a budget, it is important that you have a plan of what you actually want to buy and where from. 

This doesn’t have to be specific down to the very item but have in mind if you want to buy a new jumper, a new laptop, some makeup, or jewellery.  

This will help you to get to the right stores, at the right times. 

Avoid the pitfalls of window-shopping and impulse buying, as this only leads to you spending more money and going against the whole idea of the Boxing Day sales. 

After all, you don’t want to just buy things for the sake of it, and sometimes sale items can be exempt from returns and be exchange only!

Window shopping

4. Look For The Cheapest Items 

When you’re out looking at all the sale items, only buy something if it is the cheapest option available.

This isn’t about skimping and going for an inferior product but knowing what item you want and doing some Boxing Day sales research to find out exactly where you can buy it the cheapest.

You might also be tempted to pay more for a pair of shoes that you’ve seen that are not in the sale, but you really like them, even though another pair that you also like is much cheaper and in the sale.

Always go for the cheaper option when out shopping, even if it’s not a sale item. 

sale items boxing day tips

5. Don’t buy things on credit 

It is always tempting to spend more money than you’ve budgeted for, or to be tempted by an offer to buy something on credit.

We would recommend staying clear of ‘buy now, pay later’ through Klarna or other credit options.

Although it might seem like the best option short-term to get the item you really want, it can put you in a long-term cycle of debt and a reliance on credit that you don’t want. 

Of course, if you use credit sites sensibly they can be useful, but if you can, steer clear.

buying things on credit boxing day sales tips

6. Use your student discount 

Always check if you can use your student discount when shopping, duh! 

Not every store will allow you to add a discount on top of the sale price, but many do, and this can make a massive difference to your Boxing Day and January sales experience.

So, get your UNiDAYS logged in and ready, or your student ID card.

The worst thing that will happen is that you’re told no, and you can put your ID away and make the most of the sale price as it is. 

student discount

7. Shop Online 

Of all the Boxing Day sales tips, this one could be the most important to those of you who don’t like to be out in crowds of people, or busy, bustling shops.

Why not avoid the anxiety and the stress of going out to the shops by doing all your Boxing Day sales shopping online?

It is much easier to shop around and compare prices from different stores this way.

Plus, you won’t be in a scrum with an angry middle-aged man or woman to buy the last toaster (we don’t know why we chose toaster, but maybe you need a new one!). 

shopping online boxing day

8. Keep An Eye On Social Media For Deals 

In the run up to Christmas make sure you’re following the stores and brands that you know you’ll want to buy items from in the Boxing Day sales and beyond.

Flash sales and promotional discounts will most certainly be posted on social media in the run up to Boxing Day.

So, whilst you’re scrolling through TikTok and Instagram over the festive period, make a note of anything that catches your eye that is going to be in the sales! 

social media boxing day sales tips

9. Think Beyond Winter 

The Boxing Day and January sales are the perfect time to think ahead to the summer.

If you want to buy some bikinis or beachwear for your planned summer holiday, you might be in luck and find items for so much cheaper during winter, when there isn’t as much demand.

If you know what will be hot or not in a few months’ time, or you’re not one to be swayed by the crowd, think about clothes and other sale items that might stand the test of time and become a real bargain by buying it right now.  

Check your wardrobe and have a think of some clothing you might need!

looking at wardrobe boxing day sales tips

10. Don’t feel the pressure 

Last but not least, try not to feel the pressure of the boxing day sales. 

Even if you have something in your hands and you’re in the queue in a shop, you don’t have to buy it.

Take your time, go back another day if you want more time to think about what you’re buying or if you can find it somewhere else for cheaper.

It isn’t the end of the world if you don’t end up buying anything at all in the Boxing Day sales.

After all, these sales will be running till the end of January in most stores.  

Plus, we just had Christmas so you may already have tons of items to utilise.

shopping pressure

We understand that sometimes Christmas can be a lonely time for some students, that’s partly why we’ve put together these Boxing Day sale tips, a time just after Christmas that you can look forward to, a starting point to get back out into the World after the festive period is over and to look forward to the New Year.

If you have some ideas of what you want to buy in the Boxing Day sales this year, let us know your plan of action. 

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