Unique Mother's Day Gifts: Show Your Love with Unforgettable Presents

Mother’s Day is a day full of love, warmth and celebration. It is where we honour the sacrifices, the love, and the care that our mothers, grandmothers, and those we have seen as mother figures in our lives, have given us over time.

Mothering Sunday (now commonly known as Mother’s Day) is always celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent. This year, Mother’s Day is on Sunday, 10th March. From February and Valentine’s Day onwards, there are holidays and events to plan for throughout the year.

It’s important to start off well and think about the types of gifts you can afford on a budget, while still being able to show your love to your mother with unique Mother’s Day gifts.

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The history of Mother’s Day

The celebration of Mother’s Day in the UK goes back to the 16th century. The custom of Mothering Sunday has always been linked to the fourth Sunday of Lent. That makes it three Sundays before Easter and it has always been linked to this and the church calendar.

This is why Mothering Sunday is not on the same day every year and it can be hard to work out exactly when it is. Traditionally, you would visit your ‘mother church’ on this day. This would be the church where you were christened or your parish church. As at the time, it was a rare chance to get the family together, so it became about inviting your mother and your family for a meal, and this is how it developed into what we know Mother’s Day as today.

A girl hugging her mom and smiling . Mom holding flowers and gifts - unique mother's day gifts

Mother’s Day gift ideas


1. Plant a tree

Sometimes you don’t need to hand your mum a nicely wrapped present. Instead, do something that isn’t about material possessions and is doing something good and thoughtful for the world.

If your mum thinks big picture and has a ‘green’ outlook, why not plant a tree, an eco-friendly gift that will stand for years as a gift from you to her? Through the National Trust, you can plant a tree for as little as a fiver (splash out on 5 saplings for £25 if you want to do a little bit more). You’ll even get a certificate which you can gift to your mum to show her what you’ve bought for her.

People planting trees

2. Flowers

It might seem like flowers are a simple choice but there is a reason why they are such a common gift. Handing someone you love a bouquet of flowers brings an instant smile to their face.

Just be sure that you know what your mum’s favourite flower is, as you don’t want to turn up with a bouquet of roses if she prefers tulips or sunflowers. The good thing about flowers is that they are proudly in place for a few days at least, a reminder of your love every time that your mum walks in the room.

A man hugging his mom and the mom holding flowers

3. Home pamper set

A home pamper set or self-love box is the perfect way to give your mum a big, comforting hug from afar if you can’t get home this Mother’s Day. There are various places you can buy such boxes, including personalised Mother’s Day gifts from Etsy.

A self-love box can include things like a face mask, bath bombs, scented candles, eye patches, and herbal teas, amongst other things. It can be whatever you think would add up to a lovely and relaxing few hours for your mum to unwind and take the pressures away.

A girl putting makeup on her mom in front of a mirror

4. Personalised Chocolates

Another simple gift that ticks all the right boxes is chocolates. You could go down the route of buying your mum her favourite bar of chocolate or a selection of chocolates from a fancy chocolatier.

You could also go down the personalised chocolate gift route from a brand such as Cadbury’s. This could be her favourite bar with the words ‘Best mum’ on the front or ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ as the message.

Person holding chocolate boxes

5. Cat café visit

If your mother is a fan of cats, the cat café is where cats and humans mingle together freely, with hot and cold drinks available like in any other type of café.

There is certainly a charm to cat cafés, and it promotes a stress-free environment. For many people, cats bring out their comfortable and kind side, so it is one of the best ways to unwind and relax. You’ll find cat cafés at various locations around the country.

Lady taking photos of cats - Cat cafe - unique mother's day gifts

6. Personalised Mother’s Day book

We’ve all seen personalised books for mothers from young children, but it can be a unique and unforgettable gift as an adult too. Choose your favourite photo of you and your mum together for the front of the book, and inside you can go with whichever story you see as the best for your relationship.

This could include photos from when you were a baby right through to today and include some of your favourite, fun, and funny stories of family times.

Daughter hugging mom , mom holding a personalised photo album

For those of you who do not have a mother, or do not wish to celebrate, we want to give a nod to you too. We understand how difficult it can be to be around people celebrating Mother’s Day when you are not. Always be honest with friends and other family members at this time of year if it is difficult for you, and for those with friends in a similar situation, bear it in mind around Mothering Sunday.

We hope that we’ve given you some unique Mother’s Day gifts to choose from this year. Whether you are looking for a truly memorable experience or a small, personalised gift to show that you care, it’s important to show your mum that you love her. After March, you can then begin to think about special things to do this Father’s Day.

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