Tastiest Chinese Takeaways In Liverpool Students Need To Try

After a long day, there’s nothing better than resting up and enjoying a Chinese takeaway with your flatmates.

For those studying in Liverpool, there are an array of takeaways you can order from for a mid-week treat after studying, or for a lazy dinner on the weekend. 

Due to Liverpool having one of the oldest and largest Chinese communities in Europe, it can easily get overwhelming when deciding where to order from, which is where we come in handy.  

Ditch the scrolling through various food delivery apps and searching through reviews to find your perfect Chinese delivery place, we’ve done our research and discovered the top places students need to try. 

Trust us, after reading this post you will have discovered your regular Chinese food hub – that’s tea sorted for tonight fella! 

chinese takeaways liverpool

1. Ying Wah Bar & Restaurant

Kickstarting our guide to Chinese takeaways you need to order from in Liverpool is Ying Wah Bar & Restaurant, a Woolton village delicacy. 

This family run restaurant has been blowing it out of the park with their delicious flavours, great service and student-friendly prices for over 40 years. 

Whether you fancy one of their ‘A La Carte Platters’ for the perfect feast for you and your mates, some crispy duck to have with pancakes, or beef chow mein, their extensive menu will certainly impress. 

They have plenty of vegetarian and pescatarian options too so everyone can enjoy the authentic Chinese food here.

The dishes here never disappoint so make sure to place an order on their official website for your Chinese food cravings. 


Address: 11 Woolton St, Liverpool L25 5NH

2. Woon Tan Scran 

Chinese food really is hard to beat and there’s no shortage of takeaways in Liverpool providing top scran. 

One of the tastiest places to order from as a student has to be Woo Tan scran.

This plant-based chippy serves up the likes of, fried tofu chow mein, woo tan rice, homemade chop suey rolls and their famous salt and pepper spice bags. 

Originally situated on Lark Lane, the city’s hidden gem, the restaurant is now located on Duke Street and is available to order through Deliveroo.

Do not delay placing an order at this takeaway, the food is impeccable, the flavours are top notch and the prices are affordable.

The best part? It’s vegan and cruelty free! 



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Address: 62 Duke St, Liverpool L1 5AA

3. Wing Lee 

When it comes to Chinese takeaways, Wing Lee is the obvious choice for so many students and locals alike. 

This food hub serves a huge selection of traditional mouth-watering Chinese dishes delivered straight to your door. 

Whether you’re after crispy chicken in cantonese sauce, salt and pepper squid, wonton noodle soup or beef in black pepper sauce, your food will be fresh and full of flavour.

With absolute yummy Chinese food, big portion sizes and amazing value for money, why wouldn’t you give it a try?! 

Place your order today through JustEat and see what if it lives up to the hype. 

chinese takeaways Liverpool

Address: 71 Kensington, Liverpool L7 8UY

4. Yum Cha 

Located in the heart of Lark Lane, Yum Cha is a pan-asian restaurant renowned for their tasty dim sum, roasted meats and well-presented dishes.

Famous for their authentic and unique Dim Sum made fresh onsite, you can order the likes of traffic light dumplings, steamed baby ribs and chicken feet from this place. 

If you’re in the mood for something a little more filling, there’s plenty of large plates to choose from such as special fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, and beef hofun noodles. 

No matter what you choose to order, all the food here is superb and will really hit the spot.

Feeling hungry? You can order online through Deliveroo. 



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Address: 99 Lark Ln, Liverpool L17 8UP

5. Chy 

Chy has quickly built up a reputation as one of Liverpool’s best Chinese takeaways and it’s no surprise why. 

Situated in the centre of the city on Renshaw Street, this luxury restaurant serves a delicious mixture of authentic and speciality dishes. 

The Chy appetiser platter is perfect if you’re ordering with a friend, with bbq ribs, spring rolls, sesame prawn toast, satay chicken skewers and seaweed for £18. 

Or, if you’re a salt and pepper lover they offer a box with spring rolls, Siu mai, ribs, chicken and chips for £15. 

Wanting to give this place a try? We don’t blame you, order your feast on Deliveroo.



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Address: 5-9 Renshaw St, Liverpool L1 2SA

6. The Original Famous Blue Star

Next on our top picks for Chinese takeaways in Liverpool is none other than The Original Famous Blue Star. 

This food hub is a hit for authentic Chinese food cooked in flavoursome sauces.

Some of their popular dishes include chicken wings in OK sauce, roast duck in orange sauce, king prawn curry and their salt and pepper ribs.

Offering some of the best food at the best value for money you’ll find in Liverpool, you can’t really ask for much more. 

Don’t just take our word for it, order for quick and easy delivery through their website – you’ll have your dinner sorted in no time!

chinese takeaways liverpool

Address: 1 Stopgate Ln, Liverpool L9 6AN

7. North Garden Restaurant

You’re missing out if you haven’t ordered from North Garden Restaurant yet.

Based in Liverpool’s Chinatown, this family run restaurant has been a part of the city’s food scene for over 30 years. 

With a varied menu of Cantonese and Chinese dishes to choose from, you can munch on the likes of char siu wonton noodle soup, salt and pepper lobster, crispy roasted belly pork, and hot and sour soup. 

This small independent restaurant is perfect for ordering Chinese cuisine and sharing with your mates, and the prices suit your student budget too. 

It’s pretty traditional here, you have to phone up for orders but it’s worth it.

They’re open until the early hours so no matter when hunger strikes, this place will sort you out. 



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Address: 30 Nelson St, Liverpool L1 5DN

8. Mei Mei Chinese Restaurant

To conclude our top picks of Chinese restaurants in Liverpool, we’re going out with a bang with Mei Mei Chinese Restaurant. 

Chances are, you’ve probably walked past this place tons on a night out and if you still haven’t given it a go, you really should. 

The menu here focuses on classic Cantonese cuisine with plates such as steamed pork and peanut dumplings, ribs in peking sauce, chicken in lemon honey sauce and crispy vegetable spring rolls. 

This food hub will take you on a journey of flavours and the prices are pretty affordable, so place your order now using Deliveroo. 


Address: 9-13 Berry St, Liverpool L1 9DF

So there we have it, our top picks of the tastiest Chinese takeaways in Liverpool.

Go on, order some of your favourite dishes and have a get-together in your student accommodation!

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