British Tapas: All The Picky Bits You Need For Scorching Hot Days

For those of you who are avid TikTok users, we’re sure you’ll be familiar with the summer picky bits trend.

If you’re somehow not clued up on British ‘tapas’, then thankfully you have us to help you. 

When the weather’s scorching hot, you don’t really feel like standing in the kitchen and pulling together a meal, right?

Well, there’s a style of food you can turn to if you’re feeling peck-ish this summer, it’s picky bits. 

Picky bits are finger foods you can nibble on whilst basking in the sunrays and are an absolute classic for the summertime. 

Check out our list below to create the ultimate alfresco spread! 

summer picky bits

1. Marinated Olives and Feta 

If you’re feeling hungry but you want to spend more time soaking up the sunshine, marinated olives and feta should definitely be on your list of summer picky bits. 

Serve them on their own as a side or pour them over a salad as a dressing – mmm talk about delicious! 

You can find them in the deli section of most grocery stores, or online from Tesco

marinated olives and feta

2. Cheese and Chorizo Rollitos 

No matter if you’re packing for a picnic or lazing in the garden, cheese and chorizo rollitos are one of our favourite summer picky bits. 

This Spanish snack consists of spicy chorizo pork sausage slices wrapped around cheddar cheese chunks, and are the definition of tasty. 

These are sure to keep your guests happy this summer, and are only £1.99 from ALDI, so make sure to add them to your British tapas platter! 

Cheese and Chorizo Rollitos summer picky bits

3. Stuffed Peppers With Cream Cheese 

On the hunt for summer picky bits? Something you’ll want to place in your basket when the weather is cracking the flags is stuffed peppers with cream cheese. 

These mini peppers are delicious and easy appetisers which you can grab and go the next time you’re eating alfresco style. 

They’re available to buy from the likes of ASDA, so go and try them for yourself! 

stuffed peppers with cream cheese

4. Spanish Potato Omelette 

Searching for something you can whip up whilst sunbathing? Spanish potato omelette is made for warm snacking. 

Whilst you can serve this traditional Spanish tapas dish hot or cold, we’re a fan of eating it straight from the fridge with a nice crunchy salad. 

We’ll leave the deciding up to you and your guests though…. 

Spanish Potato Omelette summer picky bits

5. Lamb & Chicken Koftas

With these lamb and chicken koftas you can skip all of that prepping and cooking, you have a ready made starter for your British tapas platter! 

Packed with flavour, these koftas are ready to eat and are made with lamb, British chicken, parsley, harissa paste and cumin. 

We’re sure they’ll disappear very quickly at your next summer gathering.

Lamb & Chicken Koftas summer picky bits

6. Aioli & Crusty Bread 

It’s not a summer party without aioli dip, is it? We sure don’t think so! 

There’s just something that hits different about creamy garlic sauce paired with some crusty bread – what an appetising combination. 

It’s a breeze to whip up, simply slice up your favourite bread and slather on all the aioli you could dream of. 

If you love a strong garlic taste, be sure to get Chovi Allioli.

Aioli & Crusty Bread 

7. Quiche Lorraine 

When it comes to staples of British summer time, quiche simply takes the lead. 

For a fuss-free lunch or tea this summer, quiche works as the perfect main to serve alongside your other picky bits. 

Packed with cheese and bacon, our go-to French tart has to be quiche lorraine

It serves around 8-10 people too which is always a winner! 

Whilst they’re always best served hot or warm, you can eat quiche cold. 

Quiche Lorraine british tapas

8. Moroccan Spiced Falafel 

In the summer, no one wants to bother with putting the oven on, and for those of you after a real crowd pleaser, we think you’ll love Moroccan spiced falafel.

These falafels are made with chickpeas, red pepper, apricots, dates, and blended with Moroccan spices and baked. 

The best part? They’re gluten and dairy free so everyone can enjoy them. 

The only thing missing is your favourite cocktail…

Moroccan Spiced Falafel summer picky bits

9. Sweet Chilli Jam Pork Sausage Rolls

There’s something so quintessentially British about sausage rolls, they’re one of our nation’s favourite foods all year long. 

Of course we had to give them a special mention within our list of summer picky bits, it would be rude not to! 

For a special treat on a summer’s day, be sure to try these sweet chilli jam pork sausage rolls.

Made with British bred pork sausage meat with sweet chilli jam and Ancho chilli flakes in flaky puff pastry, they’re the definition of mouth-watering! 

Sweet Chilli Jam Pork Sausage Rolls

10. Coronation Chicken Pasta 

For those days spent dining outside under the blue skies and sunshine, this coronation chicken pasta is sure to ump up your picky bits tea. 

Coronation chicken is a staple of the summer, and for those times where you don’t feel like cooking it yourself, don’t worry, you can buy it ready made.  

Keep it in the fridge for a summery shareable appetiser! 

Coronation Chicken Pasta 

11. Chicken Kiev Bites 

Let’s be real, who doesn’t love a chicken kiev? They’re just absolutely yummy. 

For a light summer dinner without the faff, these cheesy bite-size balls combine seasoned chicken filled with garlic and full fat soft cheese, coated in breadcrumbs.

If you’re looking for finger foods you can eat on repeat all season long, these chicken kiev bites have got to be on your list… 

chicken kiev bites

12. Charcuterie Antipasti Platter

Looking for a centrepiece for your picky bits dinner? It simply has to be this Charcuterie Antipasti Platter

Ideal for a quick and easy grazing board, this platter comes with stuffed peppers with soft cheese, Nocellara olives, Serrano rollitos, Napoli salami, Manchego cheese as well as Iberico chorizo. 

Considering it’s just £7, it’s definitely suitable for your student budget with loads of finger-foods combined into one tasty platter. 

Charcuterie Antipasti Platter

British tapas season has arrived, and with our jam-packed list of picky bits, you’ll have plenty to choose from! 

What does your picky bits meal consist of? Let us know @essentialstudentliving.

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