9 Special Things To Do This Father's Day

June is just around the corner, which means Father’s Day is coming up soon!

It’s always on the third Sunday of the month and this year it lands on the 18th of June.

Father’s Day is a day of celebration to honour the father or relevant father figure, whoever that may be to you.

Fathers or Father Figures are just as important to their children as mothers are, and definitely deserve the recognition just as much. Their presence in your life is special and should be treasured whilst you can.

So choose the Sunday and even the weekend to spend time together to show him how much he is appreciated.

You might need to expand beyond your amazing student accommodation, with plenty of things to do together this Father’s Day.

Carry on reading for some inspiration…

things to do fathers day

1. Go Racing Together 

If your father loves sports then why not spend the day together with something sporty?

Whether that is actively participating or watching, it is sure to be a fun time.

One of the biggest sports is racing, from cars and bikes to horses, it’s a sport that is loved all round.

This gives you plenty of options to do together this Father’s Day. These include going to the races to watch.

Whether that is horse racing where you can go to the big race courses from the likes of Aintree, Haydock and Cheltenham. Or Motorsports to watch the cars or motorbikes.

Or actively participating in a more fun way – Go Karting!

You could spend the day with some fun races for just the two of you or the whole family. Check out the best go-kart tracks in the UK or find one near you.

go racing together

2. Attend A Show

Does your father have a hobby? Maybe he loves old cars or has a love of food, whatever it is there is bound to be something he would love to do.

If your father loves classic cars then you could go to a classic car show near you. 

This is a great way to spend some quality time together as well as treating him to a special day he will always remember.

Find some classic car shows for the 18th June 2023 here.

Or if he is someone who likes his food and drink then head to a food and beer festival together. 

There are plenty of food and drink festivals being held this Fathers Day if you’re in need of some inspiration for this annual day. 

But if he has other interests then don’t hesitate to find something near you, a quick Google search should do the trick.

food and drink festival

3. Try Out Axe Throwing

If you are looking for something a little different but most certainly fun, you could book a session of axe throwing for you and your father to enjoy.

A couple of hours of axe throwing and then a good meal will be one of the best ways to celebrate and it makes a memorable occasion you will never want to forget.

There are many places to go but a search online will help you find the best place to go near you.

Go Ape has 4 places across the UK and TimberJacks is well known for its axe throwing, but do research to find what’s best for you.

Plus if you’ve never thrown an axe before, check out some axe throwing tips on YouTube for a head start.

try out axe throwing

4. Break Out At An Escape Room

Another fun activity for Father’s Day is an Escape Room.

You can book a session for just the two of you or the whole family to do this group activity. It will be a fantastic experience for you both to enjoy on this occasion.

It is a more fun way for all of you to solve a puzzle than your typical board game and not something you get to do as often.

Escape Live is one of the top rated escape rooms who have multiple locations in the UK, check out their website for the location that is nearest to you.

Houdini’s escape rooms is another great place with 14 locations to choose from so there is bound to be one that is easily reached.

Break Out At An Escape Room

5. Take A Class Together

If you’re on the hunt for special things to do this Father’s Day, you could celebrate by taking a class together. 

Whether that is a class doing something you love or a class doing something you’ve never done before, it is sure to be amazing and a great way to bond together.

Some classes to enjoy together include a cooking class where you could find new and interesting recipes you’ve never tried before.

Another idea is an art or pottery class to get your creative side going and more.

So go ahead and book your class ready for June! 

taking an arts class things to do for father's day

6. Movie Marathon

You don’t need to spend money or do something extravagant to celebrate Father’s Day. A good old movie marathon will just be as good.

There is no better time than this special day to sit down together and watch the series that either or both of you have been dying to watch.

Or this is the moment to achieve something you have always wanted to do like watching all the Marvel movies in order.

If you already have the DVDs’ then it’s as simple as grabbing them but if not you might have to utilise Netflix or Amazon Prime to watch them all.

You could even head to your local cinema or drive-in cinema to watch some great films on the big screen. Who doesn’t love a Tango Ice Blast and Nachos?! 

movie marathon things to do for father's day

7. Go Golfing

Whose father doesn’t love to golf?

If it is one of your Dad’s favourite things to do, then an afternoon down the golf course for a few holes in one sounds like a great time.

Spending time with him at one of his favourite places is a memory he will be sure to cherish and appreciate.

If he is a regular golf player he probably has his own equipment but if he doesn’t usually play then booking a slot and hiring equipment will be a good surprise for him.

To involve food and drink, you could book in for a mini-golf session for a fun filled time. 

go golfing father and daughter

8. Beer & Wine Tasting

A father loves a nice refreshing beer or even wine, so this Father’s Day treat him to a beer or wine tasting session.

You could book a beer or wine tasting for you both to experience. Brewdog does a beer school tasting for £25 per person, but a more personal touch is creating a beer or wine tasting yourself for your father to enjoy.

Collect a variety of ales and lagers or wines and set them up at home. Become a host for the evening, pouring the drinks for your father to try. 

You never know, he might just find a new favourite beverage and it’s all thanks to you.

beer and wine tasting for father's day

9. Go Camping

If your dad is the outdoorsy and adventurous type, then we are sure he would enjoy going camping. 

Make a full weekend of it by booking a campsite whether close by or quite a drive away and get one with nature.

Experience the great outdoors with hikes, building life skills and sitting around campfires. No campfire is complete without scary stories and marshmallows – so don’t forget to pack them!

But if that is not feasible, you don’t need to travel, just set a tent up in your back garden and spend a night camped out there. It will be just as good as going to a campsite and something different to usual.

going camping for father's day

Well there you go..that is our list of 9 special things to do this Father’s Day complete.

We hope you and your father/father figure have a day to cherish forever!

If you are worried about getting student accommodation for next year, check out our blog with top tips.

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