7 Unique Handmade Gifts For Your Loved Ones

With Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and other celebrations just around the corner, you will probably be looking into getting a lot of gifts for people. But if you are a university student on a budget but still want to express your love in a meaningful way, then unique handmade gifts will be your best friend. 

Not only are they a lot more affordable, but the time and effort you put into making it makes the gift so much more special.

So let us find out what are the 7 unique handmade gifts that you can give your loved ones this year!

Person packing unique handmade gifts

Crochet A Gift 

Despite how complicated it might look, crocheting is one of the easiest skills to pick up. Once you get the basics down, you will be ready to crochet anything you like!

Most blogs and videos have step-by-step instructions on how you can recreate pieces like a beanie, a small purse, a keychain and many more. 

The best part is that you will not have to spend a lot on materials, as you can easily get yarn and crochet the gift under a fiver!

You can get yarns in your local craft store or check out Hobby Craft’s website to find yarns starting at £1.50. 

Watch this YouTube video on How To Crochet For Beginners to get started. 


Personalised Scrap Book 

Another unique gift idea is to make a scrapbook with all your memories together. 

Regardless of how many photos you take on your phone, there is something so special about having it physically to cherish your memories.

You can purchase a scrapbook from any local store and you just just have to craft away. 

Take a look at this scrapbook on Amazon for under £5.

If you are wondering how you will print out the photos, we have an amazing option for you. The Free Prints App allows you to print up to 45 prints that are sized 15 x 4 cm. 

You will only have to pay for delivery which starts at £1.99. 

You can print out the photos you like and create the perfect scrapbook for your loved one. 

Visit the FreePrintsApp website to find out more details.

Person making a scrap book

Paint a cute canvas

A lot of these unique handmade gifts will need you to bring out your artistic skills!

You can get small canvasses from any craft store and you will be ready to start unleashing your creativity.  

Check out this Mini Canvas set on Amazon that is under £5.

If you are looking for inspiration, then definitely check out Pinterest which has many unique ideas for small canvas painting!


Open When Letters

This is one of the most thoughtful options among all the unique handmade gifts. 

You can write several personal letters to your loved one and put them in different envelopes with themes like “open when you need motivation”, “open when you are sad”, and so on. 

Each of these letters can have personal notes that can help them through any situation they are going through. 

This is a great gift because your words will continue to give them strength and joy long after you have even given them,  and how beautiful is that?

Person writing letters as unique handmade gifts

Make a playlist 

If the person you are gifting loves music and discovering new artists, then you should create a personalised playlist on Spotify with songs that you think they will like. 

You can include songs that have personal meaning to you both as well, and it will make it even more special. 

You can customise it with a cute cover photo and share the code with your friend. 

To spice it up even more, you can print out the Spotify code for the playlist and print it into a small keychain, so whenever they want to listen to it, they can easily scan the code.


Girl listening to music on her phone

Make them their favourite dish

Although it sounds simple, a great way to celebrate your loved one is by cooking them their favourite dish.

This can be anything from snacks like cookies or cake to full-course meals. The options are endless!

You can invite them over and treat them to delicious dishes and you spend time together.

Especially if they live alone, we promise that they will appreciate enjoying delicious food and relaxing for a day.


Create a Gift Basket

The last one of our unique handmade gifts for your loved one is a handmade gift basket with things that they love. 

This doesn’t have to be the expensive things at all, but rather anything that they enjoy, like chocolates, snacks, bath bombs and more. 

You can set a budget and find loads of things that you like within that limit. We can assure you that receiving a bunch of their favourite things will certainly make them happy!

Girl making a handmade gift basket

In conclusion, crafting and gifting unique handmade presents can be a delightful way for university students to express their love and appreciation for their loved ones. These one-of-a-kind creations carry not just the essence of your affection but also the effort and thought you’ve put into making them.

Whether it’s a hand-painted canvas, a personalised photo album, or a crocheted purse, these gifts give you the chance to express your creativity and love to the people you care about.

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