10 Wholesome Things To Do This Mothers Day

There is no bond quite like the one you have with your Mother. She’s the person you call when you’re feeling down, the person who sends you homemade recipes to cook up at university and the person to go to when you don’t know how to work the washing machine. 

Through all of life’s challenges, your Mum has your back as a friend, someone to lean on and confide in. What better way to show your love and appreciation for her than Mother’s Day?

For those of you who are looking for wholesome things to do when you head home from your student accommodation, you’ve come to the right place. 

Go on, celebrate your Mum and discover something priceless you can do with her on March 19th! 

things to do mothers day

Things To Do This Mothers Day 

Mother’s Day 2023 is just around the corner, who’s excited? We certainly are! 

So, without further ado here’s a list of wholesome things to do on this special day dedicated to all the Mum’s out there. 

mothers day 2023

1. Try A Painting Class 

It’s always good to pick up a new hobby so, this Mother’s Day why not try a painting class with your Mum?

It doesn’t matter if you’re not particularly creative, there’s so many art classes out there to suit everyone’s abilities. 

Whether it’s having a few tipples and painting or a peaceful watercolour workshop you’re after, we’re sure you and your mum will find a fun event to get involved with. 

Treat your Mum to a painting class which you can both do together and build your confidence in painting. 

This way, she will have a present she can cherish forever and maybe even hang in the hallway! 

painting class mothers day

2. Say Cheers At Bottomless Brunch 

Rather than taking your mum out for a meal this Mother’s Day, get the best of both worlds and opt for a bottomless brunch which perfectly combines booze with breakfast. 

Every bottomless brunch event is different depending on where you go, but you can expect unlimited flowing drinks within the allocated time slot and a delicious plate to choose from.

There’s even themed bottomless brunches with amazing entertainment like ABBA events where you can dress up, have a sing-along and cheers to the good times with some prosecco. 

We’re sure they’ll be fabulous bottomless brunch events taking place on March 19th so have a search online to get yours booked in! 

bottomless brunch things to do mother's day

3. Attend A Concert

For things to do this Mother’s Day, head to a concert with your Mum to experience a night of live music. 

There are few things better in life than watching your favourite artists live, having a sing-along and a dance.

It’s even more memorable when you’re doing it with your Mum and seeing how happy she is! 

We’re sure there’ll be plenty of gigs taking place near you or within your uni city or town so, have a search online and see what events your Mum would love. 

The event doesn’t have to be on the exact date, you can see what’s coming up in the foreseeable future and surprise her with the tickets to her favourite artist. 

concert things to do mothers day

4. Design A Family Photo Album 

Every Mum loves flicking through their camera roll and looking at photos of their family, it’s just the norm! 

This Mother’s Day, give your mum a treat by designing a family photo album with all of her favourite snapshots of you and your family. 

Nothing says wholesome like a personalised photo book that honours your family memories, right?

You can look through it together and reminisce on all the happy times shared. 

family photo album mother's day

5. Visit A Museum 

Mother’s Day is all about togetherness and creating memories, and we can’t think of a better way to do this than heading to a museum for a day filled with culture. 

Spend the day exploring your local museum or gallery, or invite your mum to come and explore the cultural hubs in your uni city or town. 

No matter where you live, we’re sure they’ll be a museum on your doorstep.

It’s a great chance to learn more and take a deep dive into history!

Let’s face it, the March weather is a little temperamental too, so opting for an indoor activity may be a good idea to escape the rain and cold. 

visiting a museum

6. Take A Workout Class Together 

If you’re stuck with things to do this Mother’s Day, you could plan to take a workout class with your Mum. 

Group fitness classes are a great bonding session to do together, especially if you both like staying physically active and feeling zen. 

You could do a yoga session with a combination of poses and breathing exercises, a Zumba class which works your whole body, or a Pilates class to relieve the tensions in your muscles – perfect for those Mum’s needing to relax! 

There’s plenty of different fitness classes out there to do with your Mum to spend time together and get your bodies moving. 

workout class mother's day

7. Plant Something Together 

Within our busy schedules we quite often forget to connect with nature well, now’s the time. 

Instead of buying your Mum some flowers or a plant, spend some time together and get some seeds to plant this Mother’s Day. 

There’s no shortage of growing kits out there for both the indoors and outdoors so, get your hands dirty and maybe even have a glass of bubbly after. 

This activity is a special one to do with your Mum if she’s an avid gardener and is something that will last a lifetime! 

gardening with mum

8. Read Each Other’s Favourite Books 

For something more unique to do for Mother’s Day, you could plan to read your Mum’s favourite book and give her yours to read. 

Exchanging books is super fun if you and your mum are book lovers, or you just fancy doing something different to learn more about one another’s interests. 

You could get some nice snacks, some tea or coffee and have a nice chilled afternoon with your Mum getting stuck into a book – talk about wholesome vibes. 

You never know, you might walk away from it with a new favourite read! 

reading each others favourite books

9. Have A Karaoke Session 

A karaoke session with your Mum is calling your name… 

This activity is a little more budget friendly but nonetheless exciting. 

You can create a personalised playlist with all of her favourite songs and surprise her on March 19th. 

Have a few drinks, sing your heart out to all the karaoke classics to suit your Mums tastes and dance around the living room together. 

Expect lots of laughter and truly awful singing! 

karaoke session

10. Book A Weekend Getaway 

Finally, within our post for things to do for Mother’s Day is booking a weekend getaway. 

To really treat your Mum and give her some well deserved downtime, plan a short trip for you two to experience together – how many days you stay for is up to you. 

There’s so many options for a stylish city break or a calming country escape in the UK for you and your Mum, with trips to suit every budget and preference. 

You can even opt for a day trip to a nearby location if you’re wanting to save your pennies to treat your Mum with gifts. 

No matter which location you choose, we’re sure your Mum will really appreciate having a rejuvenating weekend break to enjoy! 

weekend getaway mothers day

Regardless of how you’re celebrating Mothers Day, make sure to spend quality time together and create wholesome memories! 

Got any more ideas we’ve missed out on for Mother’s Day 2023? Let us know @essentialstudentliving.

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