Looking to decorate your student room and kit it out with the best tech on the market? If so, finding cheap laptops for gaming will be a part of your process.

There are many different types of laptops on the market today, so it can often be difficult to make the right choice for you.

We look to break down what you should look out for if you are concerned with buying a laptop for gaming, and then list some of the best around at the moment, for you to choose from.

Can I Get Cheap Laptops For Gaming And University?

gaming laptop with headphones

You’ll need a laptop for university and your studies of course, and that should be your primary concern during your time in university.

If it also fulfils your needs for gaming, then great!

The problem for many students though is that laptops can be quite expensive, so where can you look for help with funding your laptop?

There are different routes to go down here, with some universities offering help with payments and discounts towards a laptop for use depending on each individual circumstance, whilst different suppliers have student discounts available, such as Apple’s 10% student discount (which is a big saving on high-end specification laptops from Apple).

Shop around and find out what different brands can do for you and speak to your university as soon as possible to see what laptop discount schemes are available.

What Should You Look For In A Gaming Laptop?

laptop in university with games

As we’ve said above, there are more options when it comes to powerful, portable laptops for gaming than there has ever been before.

Depending on what type of gaming you like, and your budget, there will be a few things to consider.

We’ve done our best to break this down for you before listing some of the best cheap gaming laptops on the market in 2021.

Think About The GPU

laptop with games on

For some gamers, it is just about something to kill some time, play little pixelated shooters and puzzle games to keep the brain active, but that’s not what we’re here for really is it?

If you are serious about your gaming (and why else would you be reading this article about cheap laptops for gaming?) it is important to consider the GPU.

The graphics processing unit will dictate what you are looking at in terms of high detail settings and highest possible screen resolutions.

These days, you don’t necessarily need a top-of-the-range GPU, as you can get by with a 1080p resolution in most cases.

The Processor

computer processor

The processor on your laptop might come under some intense workloads depending on the scale and scope of the games you play.

New laptops don’t come with dual-core processors, as some AAA games need a quad-core CPU minimum.

Despite this, it isn’t as crucial to have a maxed-out Core i7 or Core i9 CPU for gaming as it is for video editing or production work, which is not what you’re looking for here.

For budget gaming laptops, the CPUs provide you with more than enough oomph to play the games you want.

System Memory

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You won’t find many cheap laptops for gaming that go higher than 8GB of main system memory.

You might find some laptops that have this level of RAM but has the facility to optionally upgrade later if you wish to do so.

This will change from laptop to laptop though, so make sure that you investigate this fully before committing to a laptop, as if you do want to upgrade later on, you need to know that it is possible.

What About Storage?

laptop storage

SSD has become the go to in recent years, and for good reason. Most budget laptops will have a 15.6-inch screen size, which in most cases these days will see a solid-state drive installed.

There are some instances though where you see a small-capacity SSD alongside a secondary, ordinary hard drive.

If you find a model with both within your budget, we would definitely recommend it.

For some people, a laptop with an SSD and an external hard drive to back-up important data or to run certain types of software through is the best choice.

The Best Cheap Laptops For Gaming In 2021

1. Asus TUF A15

back of laptop with keyboard

@komputer_murah47 – Instagram

One of the best budget laptops for gaming that provides an overall win for all different types of gamers, the Asus TUF A15 picks up where other laptops from this brand have delivered previously.

It has a colourful, bright design, a solid CPU and GPU, and a 144Hz refresh rate. The memory might be quite limited and the display not as vibrant and colourful as other options, but with a price starting at £699, this is the all-round best option on our list for cheap laptops for gaming.

2. Acer Nitro 5 (AN515)

acer laptop for gaming with a coffee machine

@hectorgrecco – Instagram

The best performer on this list, the Acer Nitro 5 provides you with a great 1080p gaming experience.

The keyboard is great, and it has a 144Hz refresh rate. Prices start at £749, which makes it one of the most affordable gaming laptops around at the minute.

The battery life is just ok, and the colour is lacking a little bit, but the components are all solid, making it a great price.

3. Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3i

idea pad laptop

@itgarage -Instagram

The cheapest model from Lenovo is also one of the best on our list of budget laptops for gaming, as it has enough graphics and core power to provide you with a gaming platform whilst also giving you everything you need for your studies.

It looks nice, is very quiet to run and has a decent keyboard too. The 120Hz refresh rate is another positive, though it does have a small SSD and a washed-out colour display to contend with. Prices start at £699.

4. HP Omen 15

hp omen 15

@laptopwarehouseonline – Instagram

At £1,099, this is one of the more expensive laptops on the list but if you can stretch your budget a little bit it is worth putting under consideration.

It has a powerful processor and graphics card that provides you with a heavy performance level for this price band, as it also has a large SSD.

It is a solid choice of laptop for gaming at this price.

5. MSI GF63 8RB

@mersinlaptop – Instagram

This laptop is fast, slim, and lightweight, making it an incredible performer at just £715 for a starting price.

It is the perfect companion for those of you looking to game without the extravagant expense.

It has a solid Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia graphics, which provides you with the platform to play most modern games that can be played with a low setting.

For entry-level gamers on a budget, this is the choice for you.

Whatever you decide when it comes to choosing the best cheap laptops for gaming, make sure you have fun. As you can see, there are some great options here for you to choose from, and you might be able to find a good student discount or other help with funding a laptop whilst staying at university. Find the best laptop for your specific needs when it comes to the type of gaming that you like to do and balance that with your university and study needs. Let us know if there are any good gaming laptops that we’ve missed from the list, and you think are worth including.