Looking to decorate your student room at uni? Well what’s stopping you?!

It’s your home away from home, so making it as cosy as possible needs to be at the top of your agenda.

Forget heading out and buying a pot of paint, lots of student accommodation providers in the UK don’t allow you to physically decorate the walls how you’d prefer them. This is a way of them keeping everything uniformed throughout each property.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t put your own touch into your new room. After all, you’re living here for the entirety of the year and you need your own, personal zen!

Being a student, we get that money doesn’t grow on trees (oh how we wish it did!). So, we’re here to give you some quick tips for decorating your room that won’t cost you much at all.

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1. Download Apps Such As Depop, Ebay and Facebook Marketplace

apps to decorate student room







These free apps are some you’ve possibly already heard of, but are great to help maintain your student budget.

Sounds foreign to you? – don’t worry we’ll clear that up for you right away.

They’re basically platforms where you can buy other people’s second hand items.

So for your student room, you can purchase any sort of furniture, decor, accessories…the list is endless.

It’ll knock off half the price of buying things new in store and save you so much money!

2. Charity Shop Hauls

charity shopping to decorate uni room








Again, similar to its predecessor in this list, going to a charity shop to purchase room decor is such a fantastic way to keep costs low.

You’re not only purchasing products for yourself, you’re actually helping out a charity as well. So really, what’s not to love?

Hop on the trend of showing off to everyone what you’ve bought from your local charity shop, ‘cos you’ll be surprised just how many of your pals will be jealous they can’t get what you have!

3. Print Your Piccies

printed pictures to stick up in uni bedroom








How many photos do you have on your camera roll? Because damn. We have SOOOO many. Thousands of pictures from memories we never want to forget!

Why leave them on your phone when you could get them printed, and for cheap as well?!

Honestly, there’s so many websites and apps today which can offer you free photo printing (with just a small postage fee to pay).

Some of our faves include Snapfish, Printerpix and FreePrints.

Having printed piccies will honestly spruce up your student room walls, giving it a relaxed and homely vibe you desperately need.

4. String and Peg Method

pictures on a peg








Whilst we’re on the topic about photographs, in order to aesthetically lay them round your room, you need to invest in some string and wooden pegs.

Here us out, because this trick is golden and will make your student accommodation look extra boujee!

It’s a trick, which uses wooden pegs to attach your photos to a piece of string, which is then held up by command strips on your bedroom wall…it’s hard to explain but we promise, just trust the process!

It’s a fab way to display pictures and personal photos, especially ‘cos it’s an easy way to show them to your friends when they come to stay around.

5. Fake Plants

image of plants for decorating home








Forget real plants, they’re too expensive and hard to maintain – you need to get yourself some fake ones.

Honestly, this simple hack will transform your room in the most inexpensive way possible.

Not only are they aesthetic, they will help add colour and brightness to your bare walls.

You can get a whole variety of different styles, but our faves include the hanging wall plants, artificial vines and the tropical leaf tree.

If you’re feeling fancy, you could even invest in a subscription from Bloom and Wild and get some stunning, real flowers delivered every month. But this is a bloomin (see what we did there…) expensive luxury, only you can decide if it’s worth paying for!

6. Invest In A Mirror

mirror in student bedroom








Mirrors can make or break a room. It sounds silly but they’re a staple item and can make any room look extra spacious and elegant.

Sometimes, you might be already blessed with a mirror in your student accommodation, but most of the time they’re only small and are located in the bathroom.

A full length mirror is a necessity to ensure you’re always leaving your flat looking super stylish!

Now, Ikea is the place to be for an extra large length mirror, for a price not to be bargained with.

We have linked some below for you to look at. Let’s see if any tickle your fancy!

NISSEDAL Mirror – Ikea (£25)

NISSEDAL Mirror – Ikea (£45)

7. Fairy Lights Are A Must

fairy lights in bedroom








Forget ever having plain, bare walls again, fairy lights are a necessity to spruce up your university room and make it feel all homely.

Especially when it’s night time and you’re alone, having a wall covered in fairy lights will instantly make you happier.

What’s even better is they don’t cost much money at all, so you don’t have to worry about your student budget for this expense.

8. Reed Diffusers

reed diffusers in bedroom








A game changer when it comes to making your room feel warm and inviting!

It may be cheaper to have candles, but reed diffusers last much longer and provide a constant, lingering smell.

It’s the little things like walking into your uni room after a hard day of studying, and smelling the aroma of your fave diffuser.

We suggest that instead of buying a diffuser online, deffo head into your local town to test some smells.

This will ensure you like exactly the one you’re buying, rather than just trusting a description online!

When it comes to thinking how to decorate your student room at uni, we hope you pick up this simple guide ‘cos it will save you a lotttttt of money! (which can be spent on drinks in your student union or for a meal with your pals). If you’re still looking for some student accommodation in the UK, we have a few pretty brilliant properties for you to try – so head to our website now and check them out!