It’s the most wonderful time of the year, hurrah! Of course, things are a bit different this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a jolly good time over Crimbo!

There’s plenty of fun ways to celebrate Christmas that require little spending too, which means more money on prezzies.

If you’re a student living in our fabulous Newcastle student accommodation and you’re finding yourself twiddling your thumbs…keep reading!

We’ve compiled a list of fun ways to celebrate Christmas during the pandemic in Newcastle, and you won’t be disappointed.

So without further ado, grab your Santa hat and stick on some Christmas tunes, because things are about to get festive!


1. Cook A Christmas Dinner

cooking christmas dinner is a fun thing to do in newcastle during the pandemic

It’s time to impress your mates with your cooking skills, are you up for the challenge?

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without loads of yummy food and drink, so cooking a Christmas dinner for yourself and your pals is a must.

A yummy Christmas dinner doesn’t have to break the bank either, we’d recommend splitting the bill so the food shop isn’t that much of a heart attack!

Frozen ingredients like turkey, frozen veg, roasties, and Yorkshire puddings are always mega value for money and if you’ve got some veggie friends, opt for a nut roast or tart.

For the final magic touch, grab yourself some gravy granules from your local shop (because gravy is LIFE) for as little as £1.


2. Virtual Christmas Choir

virtual christmas choir to celebrate newcastle christmas

This one is for all you budding singers out there for something a bit different!

Sage Gateshead is hosting a virtual Christmas choir where you can have a go at some of your fave Crimbo songs during 5 virtual choir sessions.

Tickets are £20 and you can find out more information by clicking on this link.


3. Decorate Your Accommodation

christmas in newcastle decorate your accommodation

Is there anything better than decorating your own place with loads of fun Crimbo decorations?

Whether you purchase yourself a mini Christmas tree or decorate your room with loads of tinsel, decorating your accommodation is bound to put a smile on your face!

Fairy lights are another fab addition to your student digs, and that doesn’t just have to be over Christmas, they look cool all year round.


4. Christmas Karaoke

christmas karaoke is a fun thing to do during christmas in newcastle

What’s your fave Christmas jam? Is it Mariah Carey? Or maybe you’d prefer something a bit more classic like Bing Crosby?

Whatever your choice of tune, have a karaoke contest with your mates for a laugh, because singing Christmas songs is loads of fun!

You could even arrange something over Zoom with your family and friends and make it a wider competition.

Now all you need to do is warm up your vocal cords and get ready for the performance of a lifetime!


5. Do Some Baking

doing christmas baking

Why not test your baking skills over Christmas? Who knows, you might even end up as a contestant on GBBO!

Baking can be super fun (as long as you don’t end up burning anything of course!) There are loads of simple recipes online for students to follow.

Festive baking is a must during this time of year too, so if you’re pretty skilled in the baking department, now could be your time to shine!

Whether it’s homemade mince pies or a Christmas biscuits recipe, there’s plenty of simple stuff online you can follow.


6. Go On A Walk

going on a walk is a great christmas thing to do in norwich

Fresh air is always a good idea, just make sure you wrap up warm during this super chilly winter!

Walking is a great way of letting off steam and getting some daily exercise, luckily for students, there are loads of walking opportunities in and around Newcastle.

Take a quiet stroll along The Quayside or visit Watergate Forest Park with two main walking trails around the park, just a 10-minute drive from your accommodation!

Even if it’s just a few circuits around your local area, or a walk along Hardrian’s Wall Path (maybe not the whole 84 miles though), you’ll feel much better for it.

Wrap up warm, grab your best woolly hat and soak up the picturesque city of Newcastle this Christmas!


7. Host A Virtual Party

hosting a virtual party this christmas in norwich

Yay, it’s party time! There’s nothing better than a virtual party nowadays, with Zoom quizzes and video calls taking the world by storm.

Seeing your family and friends over videocall with a bevvy in their hands is the best feeling, so why not host a virtual zoom party?

Themed virtual parties are super popular at the mo, and with Christmas around the corner, it’d be rude not to bust out your best Santa hat!

You could even host a secret santa party and use a random name generator, then all you need is your family/friends addresses and they can feel the love.


8. Festive Movie Marathon

christmas netflix bingeing in norwich

There’s nothing better than getting snuggled up in your student accommodation in some comfy PJ’s, loads of snacks, and some Netflix.

Of course, Netflix have an abundance of classic Christmas movies on their site, from the likes of Love Actually, The Holiday, and Nativity!

Grab some popcorn, get comfortable and enjoy some cheesy movies with your housemates, because it’s Christmas after all!


9. Look At Christmas Lights!

christmas lights in norwich

Christmas lights are the best! It can be super fun to take a wander around the city and see who has the best ones.

Take a stroll and check out the impressive Scandinavian tree outside Newcastle Civic Centre and soak up the pretty views of glittering Christmas decorations!

As tempting as it is to visit the Geordie tradition ‘Fenwick’s Window”, who have had amazing themes each year, the store is asking people to avoid visiting just to see the window during lockdown. Sad times.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t take a stroll around your local area and check out the lights closer to home, and reward yourself with a mince pie when you get back to your accommodation.


10. Read A Christmas Book

read a christmas book during lockdown in Norwich

Now that students have got a little bit more time on their hands, it’s a fab time to curl up and read a nice festive book!

Put on your comfy PJ’s and get cosy, because there’s nothing like a Christmassy book to keep you entertained.

If you prefer a cheesy Christmas chic lit, there’s plenty on Amazon to sink your teeth into, if you’d rather a classic crime whodunnit, it’s gotta be Agatha Christie!

We hope you found these tips for Crimbo useful, and remember, just because times are pretty weird at the moment, doesn’t mean you can’t have bags of fun and make memories if you’re spending your Christmas in Newcastle student accommodation.